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Tyrone Hughes and Michael Lewis to Saints Hall of Fame

Okay, so Lewis and Hughes are now in the Saints HOF but what in the hell is going on with the CSC All-Time Saints Team?

It makes sense that Michael Lewis and Tyrone Hughes would be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame in the same year. They are the most productive kick/punt returners in Saints history, by far, and second place isn't even close. Or, would that be third place? Never mind.

Anyway here's a quick look at their stats at KR/PR if anyone cares.


5903 - Michael Lewis

5717 - Tyrone Hughes

2896 - Rich Mauti

2172 - Mel Gray


3 - Michael Lewis

3 - Tyrone Hughes

1 - Five Players (Gray, Gilliam, Guilford, Roberts, Morse)


1482 - Michael Lewis

1060 - Tyrone Hughes

887 - Jeff Groth

720 - Reggie Bush


4 - Reggie Bush (REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!)

2 - Tyrone Hughes

1 - Five Players (Lewis, Gray, Sproles, Shepard, Brown)


7385 - Michael Lewis

6777 - Tyrone Hughes

3446 - Rich Mauti

2829 - Mel Gray


5 - Tyrone Hughes (3-KR, 2-PR)

4 - Michael Lewis (3-KR, 1-PR)

4 - Reggie Bush (0-KR, 4-PR)

2 - Mel Gray (1-KR, 1-PR)

Now, this is the point at which I would normally highlight notable plays or games in which Hughes or Lewis had memorable and exciting moments for the Saints. But, I've got other fish to fry. And an axe to grind. And a leg or two to gnaw on.

Ok, riddle me this, Batman. Since Hughes and Lewis lead the Saints in each KR/PR category (save one - PR TDs - REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!) and they're both going into the Saints HOF in the same year, how come NEITHER guy was voted to the CSC All-Time Saints Team as the Return Specialist?

Yeah, huh? That honor went to Mel Gray. Seems kinda strange that a guy who was only with the Saints for three seasons and doesn't lead the team in any KR/PR categories gets chosen as the Return Specialist. And not to mention that the geezers on this blog who would even remember that Gray played for the Saints are vastly outnumbered by Milennials who pretty much only remember Beer Man.

Ok, yeah sure, Mel Gray is an all-time NFL great as a returner but the last time he played in a game for the Saints was 27 years ago. There's cats on this blog who still don't know the difference between Austin Johnson and Eric Lorig from last season. And they're gonna remember Mel Gray? A guy who gets less recognition as a Saints Player than John Gilliam who returned the Saints first ever kick for a touchdown 48 years ago?

Not Likely.

Yeah, that's right. The little pissant thought he got away with it. I'm talking about the Mount Saintsmore Bandit who gained fame (infamy) for rigging votes during the election process to see whose face gets put on a fictional mountain. He was caught on this post trying to fix votes for Willie Roaf.

Some folks made a big stink about it and there was a recount with votes only in the comments section to determine the final spot on Mount Saintsmore. Although the little piece of crap was caught that time, it turns out he had gotten away with it a year earlier in the Return Specialist voting.

Only one individual spoke up at that time (AcquiredPanic) even though other members felt something strange was going on. The key to this not-so-mystery is in the voting for Mel Gray. He had 510 total votes which vastly outnumbered the 288 votes for Michael Lewis and the 44 votes for Tyrone Hughes. What's the big deal about that you say? Well, neither Drew Brees, Deuce McAllister, nor Morten Andersen received as many votes as Mel Gray did in their elections as QB, RB, and Kicker. And these are three of the most popular Saints players ever who all won their elections by a landslide. None of these outrageously popular players received 500+ votes in any of their polls.

Hell, forget about Deuce and Morten. Does anyone here actually believe that Mel Gray, in his brief time with the Saints, is going to receive more total votes by CSCers than "DREW BREEEEEEES!" in ANY kind of election?

Oh, stop it. The jig is up. Just like in the Roaf case, it's time for a new vote. Time to break out the hanging chads and go retrieve those paper ballots from underneath the Earhart Expressway.

Whoops, I almost forgot. Congratulations to Tyrone Hughes and Michael Lewis on making the Saints HOF!