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What You Probably Didn't Know About Drew Brees' TD Streak

Well, at least one guy I talked to didn't know. But, he was a snot-nosed, test tube baby with his pants on too tight so it's understandable.

I'm sure you probably already knew that Drew Brees holds the NFL record for consecutive games with a TD pass at 54. I say "probably" because I was talking to this young whip today who insisted that Peyton Manning had broken Brees' record. After smacking him in the back of his head for doubting anything which comes outta my mouth in regards to historical data, I reminded him that Five Head fell short of that record and he's probably thinking of Manning breaking Brees' yardage record for a season.

Listen, I can understand someone getting one of these highly publicized, overly promoted, modern day passing records (especially ones by Manning or Brady) confused with any of the other nonsense which is spewed forth from the NFL's hype machine. But, don't be trying to short change the guy who looks up to Tyrion Lannister (literally) of his hard-earned, well deserved accolades.

Yes, Brees still holds the record. But, what you probably didn't know is how close he is to breaking it again. Did you know that Drew Brees currently has the longest active streak in the NFL at 36 consecutive games with a TD pass? Yup. Last year Chokey McChokerson fell short at 51 and Tony Romo had his own active streak snapped at 38 games. So, once again, the little fella who needs to bring a foot stool whenever he goes to pick up his sandwich order at Jimmy John's just so he can grab it from the counter is the current possessor of the longest active TD streak in the NFL.

And the crazy part is that if he throws a TD pass in every game this coming season he'll be sitting at 52 games in a row. Wait, what? Yup, and he'll only need 3 games the following season to break his current record. Huh? And guess what else? If Brees hadn't blanked in that one game in 2012 (You remember, the one in which he threw 5 picks and 0 TDs but it was all the defense fault?) he'd be sitting at the nonsensical number of 91 straight games with a TD pass and looking to push that past 100 this season.


But, oh well. I guess the poor guy is just gonna have to settle for being the current record holder at 54, with the current longest active streak at 36, which puts him at a ridiculous 90 out of 91 games with a TD pass. And all of this with his right arm falling off and having to wear lifts in his cleats.

Hmmm, with the alleged shift in focus of the Saints offense this season (Don't believe the hype) do you think that Brees will continue his streak this season? And have a chance to break his record the following year?