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Saints Mailbag Answers: Lots of Roster Predictions

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Kenny Vaccaro: Do you think he'll be worth a crap this year? Or could Vinnie Sunseri outplay him? - Stu J.

I do think Vaccaro will be "worth a crap" in 2015. We know he's got the talent. I think last season he was one of the young players who started to believe all the preseason media hype about how good the Saints were supposed to be and got complacent out on the field. Hopefully all the off-season changes have forced him to realize that championships aren't won because Sports Illustrated predicts you to win the Super Bowl in August. Also, I think Vinnie Sunseri lacks the natural talent to be a regular starter in the NFL but that doesn't mean I don't think he has value. I think he's perfect for filling that special teams/Steve Gleason/Chris Reis role that is important.


I've always wondered (and that's a mighty long time) why players wear a strip of cloth around their arm, normally at or just above the elbow. - Pastor R.

Now here's an interesting question. Glad you asked. There are two reasons. The main reason is quite simple: it just looks good. That's right, it's simply a vain fashion trend. Some players, like former Saints linebacker Danny Clark, wear them just to make their muscles look bigger. There is a more logical explanation to wearing them as well, though probably not the most common reason behind: to prevent sweat from dripping down a player's arms and onto their forearms and hands, which might cause ball control issues like fumbling.


CB Delvin Breaux, is he our new Nickle Back? significant Playing time? or mostly Sp-Teamer? Does he make the Team? - Metry M.

He's certainly got as good a chance as any other defensive back on the roster. It's definitely too early to say for sure, but taking into account the praise that Payton heaped upon Breaux, P.J. Williams, and Damian Swann during rookie minicamp, I think those three will all need to be watching closely during training camp. At this point, I would say Breaux definitely makes the team.


Who do you see at kicker for the Saints in the opener? - Hooah S.

I've got to be honest with you, I know very little about either kicker currently on the Saints roster. Dustin Hopkins and Zach Hocker are both relative unknowns. Hopkins appears to have the better resume, having been in the league a little longer and having set a bunch of NCAA kicking records. But for a few years now the team hasn't been able to find that young guy to finally take the reins and Payton could just as easily cut both their asses and re-sign Shayne Graham before Week 1 kicks off.


Andy Tanner. This IR is early, could he return for the 2015 season? or likely done? - Ranger D.

Andy Tanner has been with the New Orleans Saints since 2010. He has never played in one regular season game. He has been involved in 55 transactions. The only thing I feel comfortable saying about Andy Tanner is that he'll continue to be on the roster yet fail to contribute in any meaningful way.


Every year, there are one or two "surprise" cuts..who will be "that guy" this year? - Ben D.

I'm not sure how many people would be surprised by this but just looking at the roster and the numbers I'd say Stanley Jean-Baptiste is probably a good bet.


Why the shift to morning Fleur de Links? To me, it's like reading yesterday's news. A summary of what I've already seen. Ok, not everything in there I've seen but, like a newspaper. The 4:00 pm Links was more like the evening news, for that day. - Charles

Part of it is SB Nation suggesting to us that most readers prefer their daily links posts in the morning. And the other part of it is the fact that posting in the morning works better for David Kelly's current schedule. I'd also like to take this time to thank "Satch" for doing such great work on the FDL's every damn day like a well-oiled machine. He's the most reliable and dedicated member on our CSC staff. I like to think of him as our Marques Colston.


Can we move to a new color besides gray for highlighted comments? Purple, green, gold, even black. Anything but gray. - Hooah S.

Yes, we can. It's just a matter of deciding what color to use. I'm going to nix purple right off the bat because that has absolutely nothing to do with the Saints. Gold isn't really an option because new comments are initially a gold/yellow color so there would be no distinction between the two. Black isn't an option because the text is black. We went with gray because that's a lighter shade of black. But perhaps we can switch back to green if more people would prefer. I'm open to suggestions. I've included a poll at the bottom of this post to take the pulse of our community.