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Saints OTAs: Media Reports

Finally some actual Saints activity news to follow.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints offseason training activities, also known as OTAs continue today and is open to the media. Below I've posted our training camp link for you to follow along with the local media's tweets. For those of us who have to work and can't follow along real time, I'll post relevant tweets and reports at the conclusion of today's activities.

Interesting positional battles to watch are, linebacker, cornerbacks, O-line, and the all newly important kickers battle.

Local Media Saints OTAs

Well so much for media tweets: Saints in super secret spy mode until after practice.

Follow the link for some photos from OTAs.

Glad we cleared that up...

Congratulations Max

Cue all the amputation jokes...

Holy do-do Batman, a LBer who can catch cover.

Maybe not Mike, noooo one is safe, Right Sean?!

Byrd watching:

Probably because he shut down that twitter account, praise Jesus1000


But someone just had to ask, right?

Nope, this is the no fun league:

Yes Nick we all want to know...

Hell have to prove it on the field to these fans Nick.


I missed it, but you can watch Sean Payton's interview here.

Player Interviews:

More photos.

Spiller Video

Kenny Vaccaro is said to have bulked up some in the offseason. About 220 lb now.