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Saints Fans Have 2nd Worstest Grammar

Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

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Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Grammarly, in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal's "The Count" columnist Geoff Foster, studied the writing (er, commenting) skills of all 32 NFL fan bases on the news sections of each team's respective website. Specifically, the top 150 fan comments (10,000+ words) were analyzed for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Feel free to judge my use of the Oxford comma - I could care less!

Comments on the official Saints site ranked 2nd worst at 12.4 errors per 100 words. Bucs commenters were tied with the Rams for 5th worst (11.5), Falcons 10th worst (8), and the Panthers were most good in the NFC South at only 6.6 errors per 100 words. Check it -

NFL Fan Grammar Rankings Table from Grammarly

K. I have some questions I wanna axe real quick -

  • What really constitutes a fan base and therefore a fan? Did this study include trolls and those godforsaken work-from-home spambots? Dumb spambots.
  • Did they decide to cut some people off? I mean, if there's one dude who's totally railing on some other dude because he lold at first dude's grammar, should said ranting dude's rant be abridged? We wouldn't want troglodytic tirades muddying the results.
  • Also, these are comments. "2 ku 4 sku" is fair game.
  • Where are these news section comments? Is this one dedicated section? I couldn't find it. For the Saints site there's a News and Events section that has a bunch of subsections.
  • All NFL team sites use the Facebook commenting API which usually means that people are their Facebook selves down there. Facebook selves are on par with spambots - the godforsaken things.
  • Who dictates whether the correct grammar was used? Like, with the Oxford comma, some would say that splitting infinitives is wrong, or that "for all intensive purposes" is always wrong - Not when you're referring to the entirety of a subset of intensive purposes! Granted, there's no excuse for "definately" or when people mix up then and than and other such madness.
Saints fans, keep doing your thing. When Drew Brees is your QB, yer allowed 2 b a lil' care free, ya kneaux? (in Brees' case sometimes literally). After Drew retires at the age of 45 in 2024 however, we might want to consider getting more gooder at spelling and stuff. Or not.

Who dat.