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NFC South Post-Draft Roundtable

The picks are all in. Who did the best to solidify their roster in the NFC South? Did the Panthers do enough to three-peat as NFC South Champs? Can the Saints and Falcons rebound? Will the Buccaneers ever win again? SB Nation's NFC South bloggers talk about it.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The intrepid Jeanna Thomas of the Falcoholic invited SB Nation's bloggers of each NFC South team to discuss their respective team's draft. Who did well? Who did ok? Who completely whiffed?

Joining Jeanna of the Georgia Red Birds are Sander Philipse representing the Tampa Bay One-Eyed Pirates, "Panther Jax" representing the Carolina Blue Felines and myself JR, representing your New Orleans Devious Priests (who still own the bragging rights as the team to win the last Super Bowl of this wretched division).

Here we go, join the conversation in the comment section and let us know how you would grade other NFC South teams' draft overall.

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