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Should the Saints Sign Evan Mathis?

The Saints have the opportunity to really solidify their offensive line in 2015.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles released 33-year-old Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis yesterday following disputes over his contract. He is now free to sign with any team he wants and considering his talent level, he'll certainly find a new home soon. So should the Saints make a play for his services?

The Saints are hardly in position financially to afford Mathis, who will be looking for something in the neighborhood of $5 million per year. According to Over the Cap the Saints have around $3,900,000 in salary cap space, second least in the entire league. Almost every other team in the league could out-bid the Saints. Of course stranger things have happened; we've seen Mickey work his magic.

But damn if signing him wouldn't lock down the offensive line and put the Saints on another level up front.  Left guard is the one weak link on the line, with Tim Lelito penciled in as the starter. Having Mathis would solidify each and every spot on the line and still leave the Saints with Lelito and Andrus Peat in waiting. That would make them arguably one of the best offensive lines in the league at that point.

The Saints have always placed a premium on the guard position, moreso than offensive tackle like most teams, so maybe it's not completely out of the realm of possibility. And giving Drew Brees the best possible protection might seriously help in extending his career.

What do you guys think?