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Saints Fans Unwelcoming and Hostile?

Saints columnist Jeff Duncan appears to take a veiled jab at New Orleans and Saints fans in his recent article.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Tom Benson competency trial has been going on quietly in the background now for a week or so, with a decision expected to come in the next several days. Two days ago Jeff Duncan wrote an article expressing his opinion that regardless of the outcome, the Saints won't be playing football anywhere but New Orleans.

That's good news and not really surprising. I happen to share the same opinion. What was surprising, however, was this paragraph in the middle of his article:

Many fear that, if successful in their attempts to gain control, Benson's estranged heirs - daughter Renee; granddaughter Rita; and grandson Ryan - will take their ball team and go home. The thought being that they would seek to relocate the Saints to their home base in San Antonio, where the natives are more welcoming and the culture not so hostile.

That last part in bold was what immediately stood out to me. What the hell does Duncan mean when he says that? How are Saints fans hostile? How are they unwelcoming? I have so many follow up questions about this one sentence.

I'm not saying there aren't a few bad apples in our bunch; that's true of any NFL fan  base. But hostile and unwelcoming are not terms I've ever heard used to describe our general attitude, toward the ownership or other fans. I could see that description making sense for Eagles fans. Or 49ers fans. Or Oakland fans. But New Orleans? Really? I am genuinely more confused than I am mad.

I know Duncan has a lot of detractors within Who Dat Nation but I've never known him to take pot shots like this. So am I missing something? Can someone explain this sentence away as anything other than a veiled insult at New Orleans and Saints fans?

Edit [9:55am]: Jeff Duncan responded to our article and explains his meaning.