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New Orleans Saints Have Top 5 Backfield

At least one NFL analyst thinks very highly of the current Saints running back corps.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Sessler of (never heard of him) recently ranked the backfields of all 32 NFL teams and believe it or not the Saints came out near the very top at No. 4, right between the Vikings and Steelers.

Here is what Sessler says about his No. 4 ranking for the Saints...

Along with Philly, the Saints vastly improved their backfield by re-signing Ingram and adding C.J. Spiller, who chose New Orleans because of therole he expects to play in Sean Payton's offense. After seeing what the coach did with Darren SprolesPierre Thomas and Reggie Bush, Spiller has a shot to top Ingram in touches. As for Ingram, there were weeks in a row last season when he looked like the hardest-running back in the NFL. We love that New Orleans kept him around.

"You stay married to your college grade and I was such a big proponent of C.J. Spiller and we've seen it in glimpses, he's just never been able to stay healthy," said Jeremiah, adding that it "wouldn't shock me at all" if New Orleans was top five in carries with Payton "kind of following the blueprint" of last year's Cowboys.

I've got to admit I see a lot of potential for the Saints running game this season. This ranking doesn't surprise me. On paper, the talent is definitely there. A lot of their success, however, will depend on how Payton decides to use the tools at his disposal. And of course whether or not everyone can stay relatively healthy.

What do you guys think? Are you drinking the Kool-Aid? Or is this Sessler guy out of his friggin' mind?