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Top Three Quarterbacks in Saints Franchise History

We're raising that age old question...

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It seems like every summer, during the deadest part of the off-season, we here at Canal Street Chronicles always find a way to argue over the legacy of former quarterback Aaron Brooks and where he fits in among the all-time Saints signal callers. It always turns into a heated argument.

Earlier this week Elliot Harrison of gave us the perfect opportunity to do that again this summer. Harrison put together a historical countdown of the NFL's top quarterback franchise, by identifying the top three quarterbacks in franchise history for each NFL team then ranking each group from worst to best.

As a team the Saints were ranked 20th overall, which shouldn't be a surprise since they haven't had many great quarterbacks in their franchise history. But which three quarterbacks did Harrison choose to represent the Saints? Aye, there's the rub.

By now you can probably deduce that Aaron Brooks did not make his list of three over Drew Brees, Archie Manning, and Bobby Hebert. Not even a mention of Brooks. Here is how Harrison breaks down his choices...

Brees could call it a day right now and he would walk into Canton as a first-ballot Hall of Famer. His window from 2006 through now is the most prolific run in NFL history in terms of passing yards. Manning never had a chance in New Orleans, as shoddy teams and shoddy health did him in -- but he was able to stay healthy enough to make consecutive Pro Bowls in 1978 and '79. Hebert led the Saints to their first postseason appearance in 1987.

So let's hear it! Should Aaron Brooks have been included? Or is this list correct already?