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Video Surfaces of Junior Galette Hitting Woman with Belt in Beach Brawl

Junior Galette done f***ed up now...

A two-year-old video showing Junior Galette involved in a South Beach brawl and hitting a woman with a belt has been recently discovered on YouTube. You can view the video below, along with some screenshots.

According to Larry Holder, a source confirms that both the Saints organization and the NFL are aware of the video. Nobody from the league, the team, or from Galette's camp has made a comment yet.

Weird how the public has just been made aware of this video now, two years later. I would think someone has been waiting for just the right time to tip off the media to its existence.

Despite the date of the fight, the league could still discipline the already troubled linebacker. Considering that this is tangible proof that he hit a woman, Galette good be facing a lengthy suspension. As we well know now, the NFL will not take domestic abuse and/or hitting woman lightly.

Regardless of the NFL reaction, this is probably the last straw for Saints fans, who will likely call for the team to cut Galette. Cutting him, however, would cost the team $10,750,000, a hefty financial hit. Unless there is wording in his contract that allows the Saints to get out of his contract based on bad behavior off the field.