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Saints Mailbag Answers: Did Saints Leak Junior Galette Beach Brawl Video?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

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If Jr. Galette gets suspended from the league do we get salary cap relief? - M. S. Fan

In short, yes, Junior Galette getting suspended could save the Saints more money than if they just flat out cut him. Nick Underhill over at The Advocate actually explains how the contract might change with a suspension:

The only potential recourse could come if the league suspends Galette. Many contracts, including that of quarterback Drew Brees, allow teams to void the guaranteed money owed to players if they are suspended by the league.

If Galette's deal contains such a provision, then, if the Saints want a divorce, the best course of action would be to wait and see what the league does, so they can potentially avoid a massive salary-cap charge.

Many NFL contracts, like that of Aaron Hernandez, only guarantee money for skill and injury, not personal conduct that cast the club in a negative light. So if the Saints wanted to get rid of Galette, it would be in the team's best financial interest for him to get suspended as opposed to having to just cut him outright and take the full cap hit.

Which is why some people, myself included, think it's entirely possible the Saints may have leaked news of the beach brawl video to the media themselves. This is just pure speculation, of course. But why not take a shot at saving some cash, right?

The fact that the video was leaked just days after the team's final off-season workout, when it wouldn't be a distraction during OTAs and Payton wouldn't have to face the media, when the players are off for a month before training camp, and when the media has absolutely nothing to talk about but the Galette story, also leads me to believe the organization could very well be behind it. Plus, the Saints acknowledged they were already aware of it and already sent it to the NFL, which I doubt they would do if they didn't believe that was Galette in the video.


Is Breaux as good as advertised? - Hooah S.

I never made it out to any of the minicamp practices on Airline Drive last week but it seems like everyone and their mother had great things to say about Delvin "Chip" Breaux. I'd like to think that many people can't be wrong. It's still really early obviously, but he's definitely looking like your starting nickel cornerback and the next man up should anything happen to Keenan Lewis or Brandon Browner.


Is that really Junior in those clips? - Russty G.

Yes. Absolutely. I'm not sure how anything could think otherwise.


Whatca think of Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders in those KFC commercials? - Metry M.

I actually didn't know that was Darrell Hammond until you just told me but that makes sense now because I thought he looked and sounded familiar. Personally, I think it's a poor career move for Hammond and I think it's a lame attempt to come up with their own version of a mascot like the Burger King.


What are the top 3 Saints bars in Nola? - Xen C.

I'm actually not the best person to ask because I go to all the home games and I usually watch the away games alone by myself in my house or at a friend's house. But I am still pretty darn familiar with the bar scene in NOLA so I'll take a crack at answering. First, I would probably say Cooter Brown's in the Riverbend. Good food, raw oysters, and the largest beer selection from around the world in the city. Rendezvous on Magazine St. gets a good crowd during games and usually has a free Indian food buffet from Nirvana. And then when the game is over, especially after a win, you gotta head over to Ms. Mae's/The Club and hope Rob Ryan stops in to meet and greet and buy everyone a round.


Is this finally the season that Mark Ingram breaks the 1,000 yard barrier? - Robert S.

Yes, I think this could be the year. He was so darn close last season with 964 yards. I like to think Sean Payton has turned the corner when it comes to offensive balance and will give Ingram the touches and the opportunity to be a 1,000 yard rusher. It's just a question of whether Ingram will be able to stay healthy long enough. That is absolutely the biggest factor.