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CSC Community Q&A with Jabari Greer

Saints Super Bowl XLIV champion CB Jabari Greer is taking questions from the CSC community.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wiz, the former Tennessee Volunteer Jabari Greer was signed as an UDFA by the Buffalo Bills in 2004. After 5 seasons in Buffalo, Greer played his final game as a Bill against the Browns in week 10 before injuring his knee and missing the remainder of the season. Over 23 starts in his final 2 seasons (2007-2008), Greer tallied 4 picks, 84 tackles, and 21 passes defensed.

Greer signed with the Saints as a free agent on March 4, 2009 and ultimately finished his career in New Orleans. Across 5 seasons and 63 regular season games played as a Saint, Greer totaled 9 picks, 257 tackles (51/season), 79 passes defensed (16/season), including a pair of TDs. Check out this pick 6 against Matty Ice and the Falcons.

He played in the 3 playoff games at LCB opposite Tracy Porter against QBs Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning en route to winning Super Bowl XLIV.

Greer tore his ACL in a gnarly injury breaking up a pass intended for 49ers WR Jon Baldwin on November 17, 2013, and was subsequently released by the Saints 3 months later. During a September 11, 2014 appearance on ESPN’s First Take, Greer took a sip from a mug with "RETIRED" written on the side, ending his 10 year career in the NFL at 32. Given the carefree and frankly disturbing 'play' of some 'CBs' not to be named here (lest I rage), many Saints fans missed Jabari last season. I know I did.

Fast forward to present day where Jabari Greer has agreed to take some questions from CSC. In the comments section below, please pose a question across each of the following themes. Mine are below.

Playing Career

Who are the top-3 toughest WRs you had to cover during your career?

The CB Position and Offseason Activities

Briefly walk us through a typical day at training camp for a CB in the NFL.

Post-NFL Life & Miscellaneous

What occupies your time the most in your life outside of football?

Serious and Clown questions are now open.