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Inside Out: AKA Saaaaaaint Emoooootions!

After seeing a commercial for Disney/Pixar's new movie "Inside Out" for the 100th time (I swear this isn't an ad), I decided it might be a fun exercise to replace characters with members of the 2015 New Orleans Saints.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After seeing a commercial for Disney/Pixar's new movie "Inside Out" for the 100th time (I swear this isn't an ad), I decided it might be a fun exercise to replace characters with members of your 2015 New Orleans Saints... At this time I should probably note that this has no actual affiliation with the movie, so don't sue me, guys.  All player opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of CSC or any of its contributors.


Mark Ingram: Now for a lot of you, this would be Drew Brees, and it's hard to argue against that... but Mark Ingram just looks so happy to be in the NFL, and his big smile after making a nice play or breaking a few tackles is infectious.  Mark Ingram loves the game, and I unabashedly love Mark Ingram.  Smile on, Mark, because I'm smiling with you.


Drew Brees: This has nothing to do with his play, or personality, but rather the inability to escape from the streams of time.  I still vividly remember the draft class that Drew Brees came from, it's really odd to now consider them all "old" players.  Drew Brees has given Saints fans countless moments of excitement and happiness, but the impending threat of those times coming to an end induces sadness.  I'm going to enjoy Drew while we have him, but sadly we know it won't be forever.


Tim Lelito: The Saints made a big improvement to the offensive line, when they traded Jimmy Graham for Max Unger (and a pick that would become Stephone Anthony), shoring up the weakest spot on the offensive line from last season.  They also got rid of the aging and under-performing Ben Grubbs.  Lelito has experience playing center and guard, but will now be asked to start in Grubbs' (a former pro bowler) stead.  The biggest unknown on the offensive line, a unit where one weak link can break an otherwise strong chain, there is a lingering fear that maybe Lelito isn't up to the challenge.  Playing next to Max Unger will sure help, but until we see him put it together on the field, there will always be that slight fear of an unknown commodity.


John Jenkins: When the newly 3-4 Saints drafted this guy in the 3rd round, I was ecstatic.  Coming into the league, John Jenkins had the potential to be a very-solid (or better) nose tackle.  The signing of Broderick Bunkley gave him a veteran to learn from and lean on, while he got himself more pro ready.  He showed flashes his rookie year, enough to get me excited for year two.  An off-season pectoral injury forced him to miss most of the 2014 training camp, but even when healthy, he wasn't able to improve from the year before.  I don't know if it's lack of effort, lack of motivation, too complex of a defense, or what, but I went from excited to quickly losing patience, in less than a year.  John Jenkins has all the physical gifts he needs to be a top level nose tackle in the NFL, but seeing him fail to even become an everyday starter has been very frustrating.


Junior Galette: It's hard to argue anyone else in this spot.  The video, the pictures, the denial against obvious evidence... and that's not even including his questionable tweeting habits.  It's hard to not be disgusted by his recent actions.  If there is one player that I'm ashamed to call a Saint, it's Junior.

Do you agree with my choices?  What players elicit certain emotions from you?  Sound off in the comments below.