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Saints Mailbag Answers: Will Pierre Thomas be Back in New Orleans?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Sunday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Given that 3 of our veteran RBs have had an injury history (Hightower, Spiller, Ingram) do you think Pierre will be signed should something happen to one of them? - Drew T.

First of all, if you're trying to find an NFL running back who doesn't have an injury history, you're going to be searching a long time. Like unicorns and hot chicks who don't poop, there's no such thing. They have all suffered and overcome myriad injuries throughout their careers. That's just the nature of the beast. Second, I don't think Hightower even makes the team so his injury history is most likely irrelevant. But to answer your question, yes I think there is the possibility that Pierre comes back if the Saints find themselves in a bind. But the same holds true for every other NFL team also. I doubt Pierre will still be available by the time the Saints would need him. Thomas is probably the best running back still available on the free agent market right now, so the first NFL team that has a problem with one of their running backs, Pierre will be getting a phone call.


With the addition of Peat could we see "64 is Eligible" again? - Ranger D.

First of all, Zach just got engaged so he's no longer eligible. *ba dum tsss* But yes, I definitely think that's possible and I'm sure Payton would like to get back to those good old days but I'm not sure it happens this year. Andrus Peat would have to be the starting right tackle and Zach Strief would have to be in a backup role for that to happen. Right now, Strief is firmly entrenched as the starter and I don't see Peat playing right tackle on a few plays just so Strief can be used as an extra down lineman. Perhaps next year, however, if Peat is able to win the starting role. Or maybe Peat will be the eligible receiver every now and then this season.


Trip quoted/paraphrased Vacarro noting that he had some injuries last year and played you or anyone else here buy any of that? I don't recall these injuries being reported. Did I miss something or were these injuries hidden? And if so, isn't that against NFL rules? - Hans P.

Yeah, I buy it. It certainly would explain the disappointing season we saw from Vaccaro in 2014. And it's not really out of the ordinary for Payton and the Saints to be deceptive regarding player injuries. Maybe this is all just wishful thinking on my part. I would rather Vaccaro's poor play last season be the result of injuries and not just the fact that he sucks. As for NFL rules, I believe as long as a player participates in practice during the week then he doesn't need to be listed on the injury report. If Vaccaro was willing to practice through the pain of a grade 2 tear, then he'd be able to avoid showing up on the injury report.


Rank these players in the order of most receptions next year: WR Marques Colston, WR Brandin Cooks, WR Nick Toon, WR Joseph Morgan, WR {someone else}, TE Josh Hill, TE Ben Watson, TE {someone else}, RB CJ Spiller, RB {someone else} - Dan K.

Brandin Cooks

Marques Colston

C.J. Spiller

Josh Hill

Nick Toon

RB {someone else}

WR {someone else}

Joseph Morgan

Ben Watson

TE {someone else}


Do you expect Browner to be recognized as the Saints' CB1 during camp, by the end of the preseason, at the bye week, or at season's end? - Stuart J.

Recognized by who? I'm sure the team doesn't view them as No. 1 and No. 2 but more as two different players with different skill sets; Keenan Lewis as a cover guy and Browner as a physical presence at the line. If you're referring to Saints fans, I don't think it really matters what they think. There are two starting cornerback spots, so either way both Browner and Lewis will be on the field the majority of the time. That's what is important. The team will decide which player will cover which receiver in any given game.