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Aaron Kromer Allegedly Punches Boy in Face, Threatens to Kill His Family

The former Saints interim coach has some real bad anger stuff going on.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Expanding on the previous report, it turns out that the assault Aaron Kromer was arrested for involved pushing a "boy" to the ground, punching him in the face, and threatening to kill his whole family if the boy reported him to the police.  This incident, which also involved Kromer's son, occurred last night on a Florida beach where he was presumably vacationing.  Details about the victim, including his specific age, are not yet public knowledge, likely because he is a minor.  He is being described as a "teen" in the majority of reports.  The Buffalo Bills, for whom Kromer now works as their offensive line coach, have not yet settled on a disciplinary action.

Known to this crowd as the Saints offensive line coach and then interim head coach for the first six games of the disastrous 2012 season when both Sean Payton and Joe Vitt were suspended, Kromer moved on first to the Chicago Bears in 2013, taking a job as their offensive coordinator.  Kromer spent two turbulent years with the Bears, where Kromer got into trouble for criticizing quarterback Jay Cutler to the press, though in his defense Jay Cutler is opposed to vaccinations so whatever.  This will be (or, more likely, would have been) Kromer's first season as Buffalo's offensive line coach, a substantial step back from coordinator, which means his career was already dying before he decided to punch a child in his child face.

What strikes me particularly about this story is that Kromer was definitely one of those guys at Jazzfest or Mardi Gras who tries to start a fight with you because you stepped on his blanket.  IT'S ALREADY ON THE GROUND, AARON KROMER!  IT IS ALREADY DIRTY, AND IT'S VERY CROWDED AT THIS HUGE EVENT!  THERE IS NO NEED TO PUNCH A CHILD IN THE FACE OVER THIS!

Anyway, this just throws another level of infamy over that awful 2012 year, so we now know that the totally incompetent interim coach for the first 37.5% of the year was (allegedly) a teenager-pushing/punching/threatening rage monster. Glad he's not our problem anymore, and here's hoping this is the last we hear of him.