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Saints Depth Chart Projections: Quarterback

We're looking at the three other Saints quarterbacks on the roster in anticipation of the start of training camp and predicting which ones may or may not make the final roster.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints training camp is quickly approaching, thankfully. To mentally prepare, we're evaluating each position group to take stock of who is on the roster and determine which players are likely and not so likely to make the final cut.

Today we continue our series as we discuss the three quarterbacks on the roster not named Drew Brees. Below is my evaluation of the current quarterback situation as they enter training camp. Feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions on the subject.


Drew Brees

If he works really hard in training camp and can make himself more valuable by contributing on special teams, I think Brees can make the final roster.



On the Bubble

Luke McCown, Ryan Griffin, Garrett Grayson

When it comes to the current Saints quarterback position, there's Drew Brees and there's everyone else. And everyone else is on the bubble, vying for a spot on the team. We know the Saints won't keep four on the roster, but we don't know how many they will keep. It might be two, it could be three.

Each one has a fairly legitimate reason for making the roster. McCown has the experience and has been most consistently good. Griffin might be just as good but a whole lot younger, making McCown expendable. And Grayson is supposed to be the future of the franchise so even if he under performs during training camp, he's probably sticking around at least another year.

I honestly waffle back and forth over who I think the Saints will go with. Are the Saints ready to put their trust in the young guys? Do they have to keep McCown in case of a legitimate emergency? Is it time to part ways with Griffin and end the experiment?