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Saints Mailbag Answers: Ignoring Brandon Browner Comments

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Sunday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Are you pissed off that Brandon Browner is already talking about wanting to return to Seattle when he hasn't taken a snap as a Saint? Or is this something that is overblown and shouldn't be a concern? - Ryan Edwards

No, I'm not. First of all, I would really like to hear the exact quote and the context in which it was said, but I've been unable to find that. This whole story came from a single tweet, which is merely an anecdote from his interview and could have very well been worded for maximum shock factor. We don't know the question he was asked. And we don't know how he actually worded his answer. Maybe he followed up his comment by saying he's excited about the opportunity in New Orleans. There are too many things we don't know for us to get all upset. Regardless, he was asked a question while in Seattle, in front of Seahawks fans; what would you expect him to say?


Suppose Tom Benson petitioned the NFL for a complete franchise revamp, including name, colors and logo changes, as he did when the Hornets became the Pelicans. Would you oppose or support the Saints becoming the VooDoo? - Cold P.

Well first of all, that's not happening. Benson changed the name of his basketball team because the Hornets were originally from Charlotte and it had no relation to New Orleans. Meanwhile, the Saints epitomize this city. But if I were to suspend reality, no I would absolutely not support a branding change to the VooDoo and I doubt anyone else would either.


If you could chose only one, which stat would you want Rob Ryan's defense to be number one in the entire NFL next season? 1. Turnovers 2. Fewest points allowed. 3. other. if so explain. - Russ G.

This is a very easy question. Turnovers, without a doubt. Turnovers are one of the most important stats in all of football. They keep the ball away from your opponent, give your offense extra opportunity to put points on the board, and they help win the field position battle. Teams with a positive turnover ratio almost always have winning records, and vice versa. Turnovers were a huge reason the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009. If the Saints could manage to recreate their 2009 success in the turnover department, it would all but guarantee a successful season.


What is your over/under for wins this season? - Robert S.

Las Vegas has the Saints over/under set at 9 wins for the 2015 season and that's probably exactly where it should be if we're trying to entice betting. I might be a little more optimistic so I might set it at 10 just for the hell of it.


Can you project the starting defense? - Cajun C.

Well, here goes nothing. I am going to assume a base 3-4 defense.

S - Jairus Byrd

S - Kenny Vaccaro

CB - Keenan Lewis

CB - Brandon Browner

OLB - Anthony Spencer

ILB - Dannell Ellerbe

ILB - David Hawthorne

OLB - Stephone Anthony

DE - Cam Jordan

DT - Brodrick Bunkley

DE - Akiem Hicks