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Reasons Why That Probably Was Junior Galette's Girlfriend on Twitter, Despite Denial

Galette says the Twitter rant on Sunday wasn't his girlfriend's account, but here are a few puzzle pieces making it hard for me to believe him...

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think we should be surprised in the least that Junior Galette, following his alleged Twitter rant via his girlfriend's alleged Twitter account, has denied him or his girlfriend having any involvement with Sunday's airing of grievances against the Saints that would have made Frank Costanza blush. He's directly denied any connection to both Lyons Yellin and Nick Underhill in the past 24 hours.

It's true that Galette hasn't been on Twitter for months. But can Galette really be trusted anymore? Considering his past transgressions, it's hard for me to believe that wasn't his girlfriend's Twitter account considering a few things.

First, let's go back and take a look at the offending Twitter account that was used Sunday to verbally assassinate Saints players and coaches. The one Junior says was not his girlfriend.


As it turns out, there is also an Instagram account that matches up with that now-deleted Twitter account. Same username, same "#sackman93" in the bio, and the same "New OrleansCreme de la Creme" in the bio as well. These two accounts appear to be owned by the same person.


And on that Instagram account appears a picture of a woman, presumably the owner of the account, standing with someone who is probably Junior Galette. The fleur-de-lis tattoo on the left bicep gives me logical reason to believe so. Go ahead and match it up, I'll wait. Also, check out our shoes. Is that a 9 and a 3 written on each shoe? Either way, we can't see their faces, so we can't be 100% sure who it is. This isn't enough make any claims.


But let's do a little more digging. Here is Instagram account @sackman93, which appears to be Junior Galette's private personal account. He only follows one person.


Here's a look at the people following @__eboniii__. Notice that @sackman93 is following her. That means the one person @sackman93 follows is @__ebonii__. Which is weird. Why would the one person Junior follows be the person who made him look terrible on Twitter?


How can we be sure @sackman93 is in fact Junior's account? Well, that used to be his account name before he deleted it a while back. Plus, here's a recent Instagram photo featuring Galette, posted by someone who tagged it with @sackman93.


So all together, we've got what appears to be Junior Galette's private Instagram account, and it only follows the woman responsible for the Twitter rant against the Saints. A woman that appears to be Galette's girlfriend, or at the very least, knows Galette personally.

Unfortunately, @ __eboniii__'s Instagram account has now gone the way of Junior's Twitter and former Instragram accounts... it's been deleted. Which has been the method of operation lately and is also very suspicious.


**Props to @RobertFouquet for providing this information and screenshots, which were taken Sunday.