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Former Saints Cornerback Jabari Greer Answers Questions from the CSC Community

You asked, Jabari answered.

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Hey, Saints fans!

Jabari Greer responded to our questions. In case you missed it, here's the first call for questions from the CSC community.

Dig in, Who Dats...

Playing Career

coldpizza asked: In your opinion, who was more integral to the Saints’ 2009 success while substituting in your absence, Mike McKenzie or Chris McAllister?

That's a good question, I remember when they brought Chris McAllister in for workouts, I was like "Dude, I used to watch you when I was a kid!" I immediately wanted to learn from him and Mike, I just believe Mike had a little more left in the tank. Chris had a good game against the Redskins, which was a pivotal game in our season, but the familiarity Mike had with the guys on our team made an instant, positive impact in our locker room.

quickdrawdoc asked: Who are the top-3 toughest WRs you had to cover during your career?

That's always tough to name, it's like asking "Who is your favorite Super Hero?" Even though you might have a favorite, in the end, they all can kick your butt. But for the sake of good conversation, here you go:

1. Randy Moss- Unfair... just unfair. He had the speed of Usain Bolt, the size of Andre the Giant and was quicker than a politician changing the subject. He was the total package, fun to watch, just not to cover.

2. Calvin Johnson-  One play sticks out in my mind with Calvin; we were doubling him, I was playing underneath, and the safety was playing over top. He runs a five yard hitch route, shoves me out of the way as if I was actually interrupting something, and catches the ball for a first down. I remember trying to get around him to get the ball, with his wingspan, it felt like I was trying to go around 3 guys! I felt so unathletic...

3. Steve Smith- Just an ultimate competitor and a great football player... I just never understood why he was so mad all the time, I'm like "Dude, calm down. There is no reason for you to curse out my coach!"

Philinwood asked: Talk about Coach Payton. Tell us things we don't know about him. Give us more insight and perspective on this coach.

Players love the confidence that Coach Payton exudes. He is very well prepared, but ultimately he convinced us that no matter the point spread, we were better than the other team.

Saint_chew asked: Is Patrick Robinson as bad as some folks here claim?

I will say this until it does not matter anymore - Patrick Robinson was, at one point, the best athlete on the team. He possessed great speed and incredible footwork, but I think he just needed a change of scenery. I believe he will shine, if healthy, with the San Diego Chargers.

Dru504 asked: What is the most memorable play you made either as a Saint or a Bill?

I remember one play while I was a Bill that I had studied for all week; it was against the New York Jets, and the receiver was Jerricho Cotchery. The route was a double move, out and up, and he had this "tell" that he had shown on film. During the game we were in press, man to man coverage and here comes the route....

INTERCEPTION! I pick it off and take it in for 6. It was a great moment, not only to make the play, but when your hours of film study directly impacts your performance, you suddenly understand why some guys stay in the game for 10, 15 years. Film study.

WhoDat365 asked: Shoot me straight - What CB did you model your play after or was your style unique to yourself & one that fit your own physical abilities?

I could not model my game after anyone, because I had a skill set that was unique to me. I appreciated the "smaller" corners that paved the way for players like myself: Darrell Green, Aaron Glenn and Samari Rolle.

Did you play all WRs the same or did you adjust your game depending on who you were facing? Also, did the QB affect how you prepared/played?

I had to adjust my game to maximize my strengths, and minimize my weakness in comparison to the matchup of the week. If I was playing Roddy White, I could press a bit more than if I was on Julio Jones. Receivers, just like you and me, have personalities, and if I could understand what that was then I could utilize my technique more efficiently.

Concerning the QB, if we played someone that week that had a habit of holding the ball a little too long, then my internal clock would speed up, just a bit. I could afford to look back and take a peak, but with an elite QB, my eyes had to stay fixed on my receiver. You never know what kind of magic Aaron Rodgers was cooking up in the pocket.

When you played a WR would it be based completely on your skills or how other CBs who might have done well when playing them, or a combination of both?

I think a smart corner is coachable, and willing to learn from others mistakes or successes. But ultimately, I had to understand that I was not that corner, and there are more ways than one to frustrate a "diva" :)

WhoDatMatt asked: Any good stories you could tell from SB44 or the playoff games leading up to it?

We were the "Angriest" 13-0 team that ever played the game, and I believed that is what led to us succeeding. It seemed like the pressure mounted, with every win that we claimed, and margin for error was slim to none. I, along with other players, wondered "Man, are you sure we haven't lost a game?"

Jonnyorlansky asked: Were you disappointed when Tracy Porter left for Denver? Either in him or in the team for not making more of an effort to keep him around?

I understood that the business aspect of football is real, and sometimes not fun. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with Tracy, but at the end of the day, you only have a short time to accumulate enough to pay for your grandchildren's college tuition.

Russty asked: You faced HOFers Manning, Favre, and Warner in post season "must win" play. If you will, rate them 1, 2, 3, in your opinion.

It would be hard to rank them according to those games, because I believe we were determined that they would have no success on those respective nights. Now if I look at their overall careers, then it would be

1. Favre

2. Manning

3. Warner

The CB Position and Offseason Activities

Datsmyteam1898 asked: With Dennis Allen back in the fold how do you think he will work with Rob Ryan?

I have no doubt he will work with Rob; these guys are there to win, not divide the locker room. They are both very good at what they do, they just do it a little different. Rob is creative, DA is analytical. I think it was a great pickup for the Saints.

Obviously a quarterback needs to be in sync with his receivers. Does a corner need to be in sync with any other position on the defense?

Great question, a safety is a corner's security blanket/angel in disguise/knight in shining armor. A good safety will know when you are ready to "jump" a route, make sure he is over top of you to prevent the deep ball, AND let the other cornerback know that he is ALL ALONE. All within 5 seconds.

Saint_chew asked: Any hope for the Baptiste kid?

I hope so. Football is an extremely tough game, and professional football is a game within the game. It sometimes takes players a little longer to get the hang of things, but unfortunately, 2015 pro football is a win-now game. Let's just have some patience with this kid, because hey, this is his life we're talking about!

Thanks for the good times shared, not that we actually shared them, but this is the interweb so anything is possible!

Jonnyorlansky asked: Can you talk a little about how y’all communicated on the field?

Nothing but non-verbal communication. In the Superdome, you could not hear someone screaming from 2 feet in front of you. Everything had to have a sign.

Post-NFL Life & Miscellaneous

quickdrawdoc asked: What occupies your time the most in your life outside of football?

My Family. I have been away for so long it's finally good to meet these people for the first time.

coldpizza asked: Would you rather have Rosey Grier for a dad or Pam Grier for a mom? Assume that you would not have to change the spelling of your last name.

Ha! David Allen Grier for a crazy uncle! It would all be worth it for the "Picnic Potato-Salad" jokes.

Dave Cariello asked: What do you think will happen to Junior Galette?

We'll see. I hope that he finds real Love that we all search for, and that God redeems him with an awesome testimony!

Do you still have the custom boxing robe that Malcolm Jenkins gave you and all the DBs Halloween 2010?

I do, hanging in my closet as we speak.

WhoDat365 asked: Do you miss football & the craziness that goes with it & wish you could still be playing, or are you enjoying retirement more?

I miss the locker room, it keeps you young. I do miss the glory of the game, there are not to many jobs that can give you that type of exhilaration.

Lastly, while I have a TON more questions I’d like to ask, I’d like to say thank you for all you’ve done for New Orleans, the Saints & for you being an integral cog in our Super Bowl 44 championship. That is something that nobody can take away from you. It’s also something that us fans will never forget you for. You genuinely are one of the players I’ve always thought that really was part of the reason we won & that we couldn’t have won without you. I appreciate it!!! Who Dat!!!

Thanks man! Kind words.

xen-cuts asked: How's the knee? Can you run? Can you play a little with the injury? Will you coach or teach or anything like that? Where do you live now? Will you visit NOLA much if you don’t live here?

The knee is getting better, I am still rehabbing but my goals have changed now. Instead of trying to guard NFL receivers, I am now trying to dunk on my children! I have succeeded, although my children are 5 and 4, and the goal is plastic and 3 feet off the ground.

I do wish it was you and K. Lewis playing CB. So much.

Lhkend asked: Any chance you’ll restart your Out of Bounds blog?

Best question of the night! I love writing "Out of Bounds" although it tormented me more that any NFL receiver could. I would love to start writing again, I just have to stop saying, "One Day..."

Thanks for participating, everyone! I'll try to get another one of these going again soon - Thanks again to Jabari Greer for taking the time to provide such awesome responses. We really appreciate it.