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Did C.J. Spiller Have Surgery for Knee or Leg Injury?

The New Orleans Saints running back was recently photographed in Pensacola, FL with crutches and his leg elevated.

Many Saints fans are wondering whether running back C.J. Spiller recently had knee/leg surgery and is rehabbing some type of injury. member BayouVisions snapped a picture of Spiller in Pensacola, FL. The photo shows Spiller, who is wearing a Clemson shirt, sitting with his right leg elevated on a chair and a pair of crutches on the floor directly next to him.

As many have noted, Pensacola is the location of famed orthopaedics surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who has helped countless NFL athletes recover from injury, including Drew Brees' shoulder back in 2006.

Spiller missed the Black & Gold scrimmage last Friday and missed training camp practice Tuesday after just limited work Sunday and Monday. He did not participate in the team's first preseason game of the year against the Ravens this past Thursday but was reportedly present for the game.

Absolutely nothing about Spiller's injury has been confirmed so at this point, everything is speculation.