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Saints Drop 4 and Sign 4

Probably just reshuffling roster bodies, but four men's dreams are dashed and four more born anew.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the Saints cut rookies Chris Highland and Kyle Prater, a long snapper and a wide receiver, NFL journeyman tight end Alex Smith, and second-year Saint Lawrence Virgil.  To take their spots, New Orleans brought in linebackers Chris Young, a rookie out of Arizona State, and Justin Anderson the former Giant and Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajun, as well as former Orlando Predator defensive tackle Austin Brown, and another tight end, Michale Egnew, a one-time third-round pick of the Miami Dolphins.

While Egnew has the most impressive pedigree, Anderson would seem to have the best chance of making the roster once the season comes around due to his NFL experience and the fact that the Saints could use more depth at linebacker.  It's easy to be cynical and see these signings as guys to whom numbers will be temporarily assigned so they can go out there and participate in barely watchable preseason contests and then be discarded once the real season has begun and real money gets involved, but the more optimistic view is that these men will now have chances to be noticed and hopefully rewarded for expending good effort and demonstrating their talents on the national stage.  At the very least, they have improved their chances of signing to a practice squad, which will get them a decent wage and keep their NFL dreams alive.  Here's hoping that in their brief time as Saints Highland, Prater, and Smith turned heads and that Virgil can get healthy and contribute elsewhere.

Best of luck to all.