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Black & Gold Fantasy - A Day of Virtual Reckoning is Nigh

Interested in joining a free fantasy football league? Anxious to give someone here at Canal Street Chronicles a fantasy beat-down as revenge for past transgressions? Here's your chance to join one or more fantasy football leagues currently in search of players. Or, feel free to post invites in the comment section if you have a league you're trying to fill.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

With the beginning of the 2015 NFL season so close we can almost taste it, the fantasy football season is also about to begin. I have a few different leagues (yes, I'm that sad) that mostly consist of Canal Street Chronicles members and we could use some more players, if any of you are interested. Below are the details on each league and how to join:

CSC Satellite League #1 (Yahoo league)

We're carrying over this 12-team league from last year and currently have four open spots. Last season, Justin J.'s "TEA BAGGED" team won first place, Stuart (stujo4) finished second, and I finished third. Here's your chance to give stujo4 your own version of an accountability index. I must warn you, however, he has impressive fantasy football skills and is not easily defeated.

This league has standard Yahoo rosters and scoring with the addition of 0.5 points per reception. If you have a Yahoo account, you can get on board by clicking THIS INVITE LINK. PLEASE! Serious players who won't abandon their teams before the season ends only!

If it fills up quickly, we're not interested in expanding it beyond 12 teams. There are other leagues available below.

*UPDATE* - The Yahoo league is now full

CSC Mortal Kombat ( league)

This is also a 12-team carry-over league from last season and we currently have three open spots. Scoring is basically the same as the above Yahoo league with 0.5 PPR. You can join by CLICKING THIS LINK and entering the password: YahooBlows. We created this league last season right after the Yahoo website crashed when we tried to have our draft for a different league, so that's the reason for the odd password. You shouldn't need this, but the League ID is 2792572. The link above should fill that in for you. All you'll need is the password.

Pigskin Mortal Kombat (Fleaflicker league)

This is a new league I just created because I kinda like the Fleaflicker format. We currently have seven open spots. This is not a PPR league because it follows standard Fleaflicker scoring rules and awards 2-4 extra points for TDs of 40 or more yards. Because of that, I didn't want to make it PPR. The roster sizes are basically the same as the other leagues above. To register for this league, GO TO THIS LINK, click on one of the "Claim this empty Spot" buttons, create a Fleaflicker account (if you don't already have one), and enter the following information:

League Name: Pigskin Mortal Kombat

League Password: saintsrule

I recommend creating a free account there. That's what I have. These free accounts have a few ads that will appear on your screen, but these are easily blocked into the abyss if you have the free Adblock Plus app installed and enabled in your Chrome or Firefox browser.


If any interested people run into a problem while trying to join one of these leagues, let me know in the comments section and I'll try to help.