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Pierre Thomas to Work Out for Texans

In the midst of Arian Foster's potentially season jeopardizing groin injury, former Saints' RB Pierre Thomas has been flown out to Houston for a workout with the Texans tomorrow, per Rand Getlin. If the workout goes well, Houston is expected to sign Thomas.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

After being released from the Saints back in March, former New Orleans' running back Pierre Thomas finally has a job prospect in the form of the Houston Texans, after RB Arian Foster suffered a groin injury on Tuesday, per Rand Getlin:

The expectation is that if the workout goes well, Thomas will sign with the Texans.  Evan Silva projects a probable running back by committee system in Houston if Thomas does sign there, as he is an excellent every down back but wouldn't be able to handle the workload that Foster had in Houston's offense.

Thomas, 30 (31 in December), had 222 yards on 45 carries last year and, more notably, 378 yards on 45 receptions.  He's an excellent third down back, especially in the screen game, and he could supplement Alfred Blue well in the Texan offense should they choose to go that route.