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Saints Trade Jalen Saunders to Patriots for Draft Pick

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Instead of just cutting him, the Saints managed to get some value for the wide receiver and return specialist.

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints have traded Jalen Saunders to the New England Patriots for a draft pick, according to Adam Schefter.

With the recent rise of Marcus Murphy in the kick return department, Saunders had become expendable. Which makes this move kind of surprising considering Saunders might have just been cut before the season starts and the Patriots might have been able to pick him up for free. So good for Payton and the front office for getting some value out of Saunders before it's too late. I'm also happy to see the Saints front office continuing the trend of stockpiling draft picks.

That is one less player the Saints need to cut today before the 3:00pm CST roster cut deadline. If Vinnie Sunseri is placed on IR, the Saints should have about 11 players they need to remove from the active roster today to get down to 75 players.