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Tracker: Saints Make Cuts Ahead of 75 Player Cutoff Deadline

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The Saints must trim their roster to 75 players by 4pm EST today. Here we will update those players released by the team.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

All NFL teams are required to cut rosters down from 90 to 75 players by 4pm EST. As such, the Saints have begun by releasing seven players, according to Nick Underhill of the Advocate. Thus far, the Saints have released:

Nick Toon, WR

Lance Lewis, WR

R.J. Harris, WR

Erik Lorig, FB

Ronald Powell, LB

Chris Young, LB

Markus Pierce-Brewster, DE

David Hunter, DT

Antonio Johnson, OT

Cole Manhart, OL

Terrence Frederick, CB

LB Anthony Spencer, S Vinnie Sunseri, and CB P.J. Williams have all been placed on injured reserve. Meanwhile  Jalen Saunders was traded to the Patriots early this morning for an undisclosed conditional draft pick.

The release of former Buccaneer Erik Lorig suggests Austin Johnson will be the Saints FB this season, and I liked big man Antonio Johnson when he bulldozed a defender on that Murphy TD in week 1 of the preseason. I can't tell you anything about Lewis, Powell, and Young - probably why they're on this list.

Rookie DE Markus Pierce-Brewster  (West Texas A&M, same as KRob) released, according to Evan Woodbery.

It appears wide receiver Nick Toon's time has finally come. He has been released by the Saints, according to Kristian Garic.

First of the CB casualties this season, according to Aaron Wilson.

R.J. Harris released, according to Evan Woodbery.

DT David Hunter released, according to Evan Woodbery.

OL Cole Manhart waived, according to Evan Woodbery.

3 moves left for Saints to get to 75.

*Stay tuned for more updates as they become available*