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NFL Investigated Khiry Robinson For Off-Field Incident In West Virginia

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Seems like the New Orleans Saints running back has some anger management issues.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It's being reported today that Khiry Robinson was involved in an off-field incident with an intern while at The Greenbrier for Saints camp. Sean Payton and the Saints organization did a good job of keeping this from being reported by the media...until today. It's only coming to light now because the NFLPA is now investigating the league for how the league investigated Robinson. You can't make this s*** up, folks. Weird, wild stuff. Mike Florio at reports:

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFLPA is investigating the league's handling of a Personal Conduct Policy interview with Saints running back Khiry Robinson following an off-field incident during training camp in West Virginia.

Robinson had been fined by the team following an altercation with an intern. The Saints then reported the incident to the league, as required by the Personal Conduct Policy. The league then commenced an investigation.

But the league interviewed Robinson without a union representative present. The union now will explore how and why that happened.

The interview occurred again the next day, with a union rep present. But the first interview without union representation should not have occurred, and the NFL knows that such interviews without representation never should happen.

Robinson was not arrested or charged for the incident, which arose from a dispute regarding the agreed fee to be paid by Robinson and another player to the intern for driving them from The Greenbrier to a local store so that they could get their phones fixed. The other player paid the fee; Robinson apparently declined because his phone wasn't actually fixed. (The logic is unassailable.)

The argument over whether Robinson should still pay the amount ended with Robinson striking the intern in the head, which was followed by the Saints fining Robinson and reporting the incident to the league.

Not cool, Khiry. Not cool. Even if it might be disputable that Khiry actually struck the intern in the head (maybe he just accidentally bumped him while exiting the truck?), he reportedly agreed to pay a fee for transportation that was later provided, so the ethical thing to do would have been to pay the damn fee. It's somewhat sleazy to refuse to pay afterwards simply because his phone wasn't fixed. What the hell could the intern have to do with that?

Is there more to this story or is Khiry simply a douchebag? We'll probably never know. This Who Dat doesn't really care because our season starts tomorrow. If Khiry can go out and hit opposing players like they just gave him a ride that didn't result in a repaired cell phone, I'll be fine with dat!