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Rafael Bush Suffers Torn Pectoral Muscle

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The Saints took more than one tough loss on Sunday as their secondary takes another significant hit.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints were already thin at safety, with Jairus Byrd perpetually out with injury, but this latest blow is quite severe.  Starting free safety Rafael Bush suffered a torn pectoral muscle in Sunday's loss to the Cardinals.

The severity of the tear is still unknown as of this time, but recovery could take up to six months for a severe tear.  The potential loss of Bush for the season is a crushing blow to the Saints, who also lost Bush last season with a fractured tibia last November.

The Saints now turn to recently released veteran Kenny Phillips to help plug the significant leaks at the safety position.  The situation is far from ideal and can be only described as patchwork as best, but its where the Saints are now.  We can only hope for the best going forward, and be thankful that the offensively-challenged Bucs are next on the schedule.