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Saints vs. Cardinals: Gifs from the Game

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Check out these clips from the Saints week 1 game against Arizona.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Saints fans! Welcome back to the Gifs from the Game series where we look at notable and interesting clips from Saints games. This week, the Saints traveled to Tempe to take on Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals.

Both Ingram and rookie Damian Swann were spectacular. Pat Pete more or less took Brandin Cooks out of the game, Coleman was spotty (at best), and Zach Hocker is legit becoming a fantasy kicker. The Saints got no real pressure on Palmer, and Breaux, despite playing tough, drew a slew of penalties. Gotta bridge the gap from the CFL to the NFL, Breaux.

The Saints faced a formidable defense and respectable offense and hung tight until the David Johnson TD late in the game. Here's to a better match against the Bucs.

As always, let the page load and gifs might need a couple repeats to get up to speed. Enjoy!

1. Stephone Anthony backfield tackle against Cards RB Andre Ellington


2. Ingram with a big gain on the screen

//A man Calais Campbell's size shouldn't be able to move that fast

3. Vaccaro in coverage against rookie RB David Johnson

//That's 2013 form Kenny Vaccaro

4. Browner drops an easy pick


5. Megaswann with a savior of a rip from WR John Brown

//Damian looked good all game

6. Cards TE Darren Fells fells the Saints secondary

//Seriously. We should all have to watch this play again and again. Who had him?

7. Ingram with a nice run

//Hard to do against a defense as stingy as Arizona's

8. KRob doing his thing as always

//Campbell downfield in a hurry again

9. Coleman makes Mathieu miss, scores first NFL TD

//With a lot more consistency, Coleman can be a solid WR

10. Pressure and Cam Jordan deflection

//Story of the game - Decent pressure, no sacks


//Bless you

12. More Swann action

//The flag was a defensive holding penalty on Breaux

13. Kikaha rip, Breaux recover

//With this play and all the missed interceptions, the Saints D could have had like 5 turnovers

14. Palmer has all day

//Anthony misses the pick but breaks up the pass

15. Brees connects with Cooks over Patrick Peterson

16. Ingram with a big gain, Coleman blocking well upfield

//I have a feeling we will see lots of this over the course of the season

17. Carson Palmer to Joh...

//Breaux Sheaux!