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GIF: Drew Brees Takes Shoulder Shot from Buccaneers Defense

That didn't look very pleasant.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

At 13:42 in the 2nd quarter, Buccaneers defensive end Jacquies Smith beat tackle Zach Strief off the edge and swatted Drew Brees' arm, forcing one of two fumbles against the QB on the night.

Here's a replay of the hit.

It's one thing to see the Saints defense struggle, but a hampered Brees is good for no one and definitely doesn't help an otherwise lackluster offense. Per ESPN, Brees played down the significance of the hit stating "he'll be ok" and it doesn't yet appear like there was any considerable damage on his shoulder. Brees did say though that the hit affected some of his deep passes, but he was never concerned about leaving the game as a result. We'll be sure to monitor the situation and let you know if that changes.

"That's the season. Everybody's dealing with something. ... Just gotta get a little stronger, that's all,"

Love the optimism, Drew. I'd guess "a lot" stronger is probably more apt right about now, however.

More gifs to come in the week 2 Gifs from the Game series.