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NFL Picks Week 3: Faith Alone Won't Sustain Us Anymore

After a stunningly unpredictable Week 2, the NFL returns with a solid slate of games across the board in Week 3.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After two weeks, the New Orleans Saints have suffered two brutal losses and find themselves alone in the NFC South cellar.  No loss more damaging and disheartening than the Week 2 home loss to the Bucs.  In many ways, it may have symbolized the end of an astonishing era in New Orleans.  The next fifteen weeks may be the most numbingly agonizing Who Dat Nation has endured in over a decade.  Faith alone that this season is not a lost cause is all many have left to sustain them through the rest of the schedule.

The Saints now travel to Charlotte to face the currently undefeated, two-time defending NFC South champion Carolina Panthers.  Will there be any semblance of normalcy in the NFL this week?  Let's take a look at a fine slate of games in Week 3.

Last week I went (an all-time worst) 4-12

I told you so: Vikings over Lions!

What do I know: Very little, apparently!



Thursday, September 24th - Thursday Night Football

Redskins(1-1) at Giants(0-2)

The Giants may be winless, they may have an "overpaid" quarterback and a head coach who is perceived to have overstayed his welcome, but that coach and quarterback have been champions together, and they'll win this game.  Despite their deficiencies, the Giants will win this game easier than most would imagine.

Pick: Giants


Sunday, September 27th - Early Games

Falcons(2-0) at Cowboys(2-0)

Atlanta puts this one in cruise control, as they will easily glide by the Brandon Weeden-led Cowboys in Dallas.

Pick: Falcons


Colts(0-2) at Titans(1-1)

Indy will finally get a chance to face a defense that is not among the very best in the AFC.  They will get their first win of the season here, against their AFC South foes in Tennessee.

Pick: Colts


Raiders(1-1) at Browns(1-1)

Do we have to, really?

Pick: Browns


Bengals(2-0) at Ravens(0-2)

Cincinnati will widen the early season gap between Baltimore and themselves, with a big win on the road.

Pick: Bengals


Jaguars(1-1) at Patriots(2-0)

Jacksonville will rest all of its hopes on its above-average defense.  Tom Brady will still have his way with them in New England.

Pick: Patriots


Eagles(0-2) at Jets(2-0)

E-A-G-L-E-S panic!  J-E-T-S win, win, win!

Pick: Jets


Buccaneers(1-1) at Texans(0-2)

This one is going to get ugly in a hurry, as Jameis Winston will be tethered to J.J. Watt all game long.  Houston dumptrucks Tampa at home, 38-17.

Pick: Texans


Chargers(1-1) at Vikings(1-1)

Teddy Bridgewater's inability to put together any semblance of a passing attack will hold the Vikings back from keeping up with San Diego's aerial attack in Minnesota.

Pick: Chargers


Steelers(1-1) at Rams(1-1)

The premier offense in the NFL will continue to roll in St. Louis.  Pittsburgh will have an easy victory for a second straight week.

Pick: Steelers


Saints(0-2) at Panthers(2-0)

It would contradict better judgment to pick the Saints here.  Jonathan Stewart could rush for a career day as Carolina wins 26-19.

Pick: Panthers


Sunday, September 27th - Late Games

49ers(1-1) at Cardinals(2-0)

No one had been as skeptical of the Cardinals in 2014 as I was.  I always felt they were a year away, and well, that year is now.  As long as the Pack stand in the way, they aren't likely to make the Super Bowl, but this Cards team should make a deep playoff run this season.  Arizona will dispatch of their NFC West foe here at home.

Pick: Cardinals


Bills(1-1) at Dolphins(1-1)

I honestly don't know what to make of Miami's stagnant mediocrity.  With the talent they have on the roster, it's approaching offensive levels.  Ultimately, it comes down to a bad QB and suspect head coach keeping them from moving forward.  Buffalo, on the other hand, will do what they do well, run the ball and stop the run.

Pick: Bills


Bears(0-2) at Seahawks(0-2)

Seattle desperately needs a break, to regain confidence.  Here's where Chicago comes in.

Pick: Seahawks


Sunday Night Football

Broncos(2-0) at Lions(0-2) - Game of the Week

The second-ranked Denver defense will carry Peyton Manning and the NFL's last ranked offense once again, in Detroit.

Pick: Broncos


Monday, September 28th - Monday Night Football

Chiefs(1-1) at Packers(2-0)

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers continue their march toward Super Bowl 50 against the franchise Green Bay faced in Super Bowl I.  This one will end the same way, with a convincing Packer victory over Kansas City.

Pick: Packers


That's how I see it, tell us how you see Week 3 playing out. Leave your comments and insight below!