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Saints vs. Packers Final Score: Sloppy Saints Lose 38-10, Failing Final Preseason Test

The Saints closed out their 2015 preseason tonight in dismal and disappointing fashion, with a 38-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Saints started the game looking great, but it was all downhill after the first two possessions when the Saints gave up 38 unanswered points. The team looked tired, confused, and careless after the first quarter. The following stat sums it all up:

Saints total yards in 1st quarter - 148

Saints total yards the rest of the game - 115

Packers total yards in the 1st quarter - 38

Packers total yards the rest of the game - 352

Anyway, here's how it all went down at Lambeau Field tonight...

First Quarter

  • Saints kick off first.
  • The defense forces a 3 and out.
  • Marcus Murphy notches a punt return of about 15 yards in what would have been a fair catch in years past.
  • Luke McCown starts at quarterback for the Saints.
  • The first two plays from scrimmage are a nice deep pass to Brandon Coleman for 45 yards and a 12-yard completion to Toben Opurum.
  • Saints finish their impressive 6-play 85-yard drive with a touchdown pass to Willie Snead. Take a 7-0 lead early.
  • Saints defense force another 3 and out. Get good pressure on the quarerback.

  • Ryan Griffin checks into the game.
  • Tim Hightower looking impressive in the run game. Getting a fair amount of carries.
  • Coleman and Snead getting snaps and making catches again.
  • The drive stalls in the red zone and the Saints must settle for the field goal.
  • Hopkins nails the 21-yard field goal attempt. Saints lead 10-0.
  • Jamarca Sanford is slow to get up and gets looked at by trainers on the sideline. He eventually returns to the game.

Second Quarter

  • Saints defense starting to show cracks, not getting off blocks as well. Rob Ryan is shown cursing on the sideline.
  • Kyle Wilson jumps the route and makes a much-needed interception in the end zone. Rob Ryan and Dennis Allen are seen high-fiving and hugging on the sideline.
  • Brandon Coleman makes a nice fingertip catch with his long arms extended.
  • The drive stalls and Morstead comes out to punt.


  • Kasim Edebali seems to be making plays everywhere.
  • For some reason DT Ashaad Mabry is dropped in coverage and making a tackle on a receiver.
  • Davis Tull gets the sack! But Kyle Wilson gets called for illegal contact down field so the play is nullified.
  • Saints defense holds them to a 54-yard field goal. Saints still winning 10-3.
  • Saints offense goes 3 and out.
  • Brian Dixon good coverage and making a nice pass breakup.
  • Packers go into their 2-minute offense and begin moving down field easily, especially thanks to a long Brett Hundley scramble.
  • 3rd and 3 - The Packers get the game tying touchdown with a 14-yard pass to Jeff Janis. Brian Dixon gives up position too easily in coverage.
  • Saints go 3 and out. Morstead punts. The returner fumbles and Pierre Warren recovers at Green Bay's 24-yard line. But because Stanley Jean-Baptiste is penalized for going out of bounds then coming back in and being the first to touch the football, the Saints don't get the turnover and have to punt the ball again. Huge error and major disappointment.

Third Quarter

  • Saints start the second half with the football.
  • Garrett Grayson now in at quarterback.
  • Joe Morgan makes a catch, fumbles it, then recovers it quickly.
  • Grayson faces pressure and can't move the team down field.


  • Larry Pinkard makes a short catch then runs the rest of the way for a 77-yard touchdown. Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Pierre Warren get completely burned in coverage.
  • Packers now lead 17-10 following 17 unanswered points.

  • Alex Smith drops an easy pass right in his hands.
  • Saints go 3 and out... again.

  • Packers go 3 and out.

  • Grayson faces extreme pressure, does a great job escaping, scrambles and makes a throw on the run to Brandon Coleman for 21 yards. His best play of the day.
  • Grayson then goes deep to Joe Morgan in the end zone but it falls incomplete. The throw was behind him but the replay shows Morgan should have definitely caught it.
  • 21-yard pass interference penalty on the Packers helps the Saints move down field.
  • Cyril Lemon fails to pick up blitzing defender and lets Grayson get sacked.
  • Dustin Hopkins comes in to attempt a 53-yard field goal. He just misses it right. That might hurt his chance to make the team.
  • Saints defense forces a quick Packers punt.

  • A perfectly placed pass bounces right off Joe Morgans rock hard hands, bounces up in the air, and into the waiting arms of the Packers defense for the interception.  Packers take over deep in Saints territory. That's his second fumble of the game. Not sure he makes the team.

Fourth Quarter

  • Bobby Richardson has been all around the Packer quarterbacks.
  • Saints defense do a good job to force 4th and goal.
  • 4th and goal - Miles White is wide open for the touchdown catch. Brian Dixon and Kyle Wilson are totally confused on the play and still communicating when the ball is snapped.
  • Packers extend their lead to 24 - 10.

  • Saints go 3 and out.

  • Saints defense is either tired or giving up. Packers complete a huge 33-yard pass to Miles White for the big gain.
  • Packers again decide to go for it on 4th and goal. And again Miles White makes the touchdown catch at the goal line and walks in. Stanley Jean-Baptiste slips in coverage. Packers lead 31-10.

  • Very nice return by Willie Snead for 48 yards.
  • Grayson has plenty of time but throws an interception right at midfield. Oy vey!

  • Packers keep it on the ground most of the drive.
  • John Crockett finds a huge hole on the right side and takes it into the end zone for a 15-yard touchdown. Packers now dominating 38-10.
  • Payton is seen yelling at Stanley Jean-Baptiste on the bench.
  • The Saints end the game with a 4th down fumble out of bounds.
  • Thank god the preseason is over. Please don't let the regular season be this terrible.