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Open Letter to New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Marques Colston

Marques Colston is off to a rocky start in 2015. I state my case to the Quiet Storm to keep grinding and do his part to turn around the fortunes of the 2015 New Orleans Saints!

Faded Glory?
Faded Glory?
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Quiet Storm,

You're the man! Your contribution to the New Orleans Saints cannot be understated, Who Dat Nation appreciates you. The path you took to one of the most underrated careers I've witnessed is impressive. A seventh round selection, just a few picks from being Mr. Irrelevant or even undrafted, you overcame it to become a steady figure in a very potent offense. Over the years you've been clutch and consistent, reliable and quiet. Then, it seems like, you got old on us and in a hurry too! You stopped being the guy who could be counted on to catch passes at critical moments. Instead you became the talk of Saints fan for an illegal forward pass, a fumble in OT, or drops on routine slant routes. It seems like the glory days are over bro! But who's to blame? Father Time? An unknown hand injury? Drew Brees?

I'm taking Brees on this one! Why? Simple, he's been hanging you out to dry since 2006 and it's finally caught up with you. Your slant routes have ended in volatile collisions at an alarming rate and you've been consistently forced to attempt tough catches. Now I'm not bashing Brees, but you've been put in some tough spots over the years. These days it seems like you hear those young, fast, strong safeties headed in your direction and life after football takes priority and you alligator-arm what used to be routine catches for you.

Financially, the game has been good to you. I hear you invest well and take care of your cash, as is expected of a person who demonstrates the character that you do. But your livelihood and ability to do something else is in jeopardy every time you strap on the pads. Now that the years have started to take their toll, you're in a position to have even worse lingering effects. As great as your quarterback has been, sometimes those darts over the middle have cost you. Yet, you get up and go right back to work. Father Time has also conspired against you, targeting your legs like T.J. Ward facing tight ends and switching your hands out for Devery Henderson's rookie appendages. Your catch rate is rapidly dropping and you're not separating enough to make up the difference.

The drop in dependability has fans calling for you to hang your jersey so we can celebrate your wonderful run. Don't tarnish the wonderful reputation you've built. But, I am a firm believer that it's just taking you a bit longer to get going this year, maybe the offseason was rough on you. It doesn't even matter; you beat out the other players in camp and earned your spot! The team around you is in transition and the game is moving on, but as a personal favor, please keep plugging away until you break through. Just like back in the 80's, I believed in the Saints, and today, I believe in you!

As much as I hate to see you slowly fade from the player who epitomized Saints football for nearly a decade, I selfishly want you to play until you can no longer suit up. Something inside me and many fans is just waiting for the DirecTV Colston to show up but this other guy, cable Colston keeps taking your jersey on game day. Hopefully this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, you'll tie cable Colston up in a closet and make your way onto the field, Quiet as a Storm and just as deadly!

Keep Grindin' Bro,

A Colston Fan

As always, thanks for reading and Be Cool Who Dats!