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Saints vs. Panthers: Gifs from the Game

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Check out these clips from the Saints week 3 game against Carolina.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Saints fans! Welcome back to the Gifs from the Game series where we look at notable and interesting clips from Saints games. This week, the Saints traveled to Charlotte where they faced Mike Tolbert and some smaller guys.

The major stat for this game? Luke McCown was 31/38 (81.6%) for 310 yards and a pick. He played well all things considered, but though Brees is similarly liable for a pick every game these days, I'm inclined to think he would have thrown a couple TDs. The other stat to highlight here - despite conceding 88 yards on 10 penalties at home, the Panthers still managed to beat the Saints.

For this game, we have some Breaux show and plenty of fellow rookie CB Damian Swann. A couple plays by Kikaha and a nice, promising look from Clifford Spiller. Of course, there's also that play where Greg Olsen went completely unmanned, and one where Browner totally overreacts to the read option. Oh, yeah, Marcus Murphy's return.

1. Stephone Anthony sniffed that one out in a hurry

2. Josh Hill with a little shake, not much bake

3. Luke to Watson. Niiiice.

4. Ingram. Dude. Pound forward for those yards

//You aren't winning any shimmy contests

5. Nice run, Mark

//And check out those blocks thrown by Max Unger and Senio Kelemete

6. Bobby Richardson ends this nonsense

7. 2013 form tackling by Kenny Vaccaro

//Dennis Allen's basic tackling drills seem to have had some impact

8. Browner giving his man like a 7 yard buffer

//Outcome? First down, Panthers.

9. Greg Olsen is WIDE OPEN

//Kenny Phillips looking like he's trying to find his contact lenses out there

10. McCown hits Watson again a yard shy of first

11. Swann and Anthony on the stuff

//Swann was a great run stopping CB at Georgia

//Also, Swann levels Olsen on this play. Awesomely.

12. Breaux is practically conjoined with speedy Ted Ginn Jr. in coverage

13. Cam Jordan pwns

14. Swann with hermetic coverage on Greg Olsen

15. Kikaha sack

//Coverage sack at that. Would love to see a more effective (or any) pass rush

16. This one really just speaks for itself

17. Rookie Swann all over rookie Funchess

18. Ouch

19. Browner is looking for Kenny Phillips' lenses

20. Colston with a nice grab

//He dropped 3 passes on the Saints fate-sealing drive, however.

21. Let's see a lot more of THIS next week

//Cliff Spiller can be every bit the weapon the Saints need

Favorite gif? See something we should discuss and debate endlessly? Comment below!