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Akiem Hicks Is Player Traded To Patriots For Hoomanawanui

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Surprisingly the Saints did not trade a draft pick, but their starting defensive end to New England.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints traded for New England Patriots tight end Michael Hoomanawanui within the last hour, but speculation has been what the cost to the team was.  Well, here's the answer:

Akiem Hicks has been on the Saints defensive line since he was the first pick taken by the team in the 2012 draft (3rd round).  In his contract year, more, much more had been expected of him and he has disappointed greatly.  Even though he had never regained his 2013 career year form, his absence leaves arguably the league's weakest defensive line even weaker.

It would be disturbingly poetic to see Hicks regain his best form and thrive under Bill Belichick, like Rob Ninkovich before him, and it wouldn't be surprising in the least.  With Hicks' departure, the last of the abysmal 2012 Saints draft has left the franchise.

Hopefully the new tight end traded from New England will work out as well as the last one, David Thomas.  So long Akiem Hicks, we'll always have 2013.  In fact, that's all we have from you.