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NFL Power Rankings 2015: Inaugural Edition

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Welcome to the inaugural 2015 NFL Power Rankings! Since we have no regular season information to base these rankings on, these rankings are comprised solely on perceived talent level, a heavy dose of personal bias, and a dash of blindly throwing a dart at the board.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the inaugural 2015 NFL Power Rankings! Since we have no regular season information to base these rankings on, these rankings are comprised solely on perceived talent level, a heavy dose of personal bias, and a dash of blindly throwing a dart at the board. After the first set of games, we should get a better idea of how these teams play on the field, but until then, let the wild speculation begin!!!

32. Tennessee Titans - Any of these bottom 5 teams could’ve taken this spot, so I’ll give it to the one with the biggest question mark at QB.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars – I like Gus Bradley, and I like what the team has been doing, but until it turns into something tangible, it’s just so hard to shake the Jaguars stigma. I expect this team to move up the list a little as the season plays out, but I just can’t do it until I see something.

30.San Francisco 49ers – I really wanted to rank them 32nd, based on all the stuff that’s happened since last season… but I don’t think they’ll be that bad. There’s not a lot to like about this team, but I think they still have more talent than the teams below them.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bucs will be relying on a solid defense to carry them, while rookie QB Jameis Winston gets acclimated to the NFL… unfortunately, it’s going to be a lot harder to adjust with the o-line he’s playing behind. The receiving threats are there, with Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins… If Doug Martin can repeat his rookie year, and the o-line gives Winston some time (which looks unlikely), this team could surprise some people. Still, they have a really low floor, which makes it hard to put them any higher.

28.Chicago Bears - Terrible defense, got rid of Jay Cutler’s boy Brandon Marshall, and his replacement/the team’s 1st round draft pick is done for the year. The offense may be able to do some good things at times, but Jay Cutler will have to play perfectly to cover up that defense… and if there is one thing Jay Cutler never does, it’s play perfectly. If John Fox doesn’t magically fix the defense overnight, this team is in contention for the #1 pick.  Still, with Forte and Bennett (and if Jeffery can come back from injury) they do have some talent, which puts them as the best of the worst.

27. Washington Potatoes – Kirk Cousins is the starting QB going in… he has a career 77.5 QB rating and has thrown mort interceptions than touchdowns. What’s even worse, his best season was his rookie year. This team still has some talent with Alfred Morris, DeSean Jackson on offense, and Ryan Kerrigan and Perry Riley on defense. Still, I don’t trust the QB and I don’t think Jay Gruden is Head Coach material. Another disappointing season for the team with no name.

26. Cleveland Browns – What’s worse than having Josh McCown as your starting QB? Having Josh McCown as your starting QB with nobody to throw it to. The defense has talent, the offense does not. If they repeat the 7-9 record from last season, I’d consider it a success.

25. Oakland Raiders – This team, oh this team, I want to put them higher, but they really haven’t proven anything at all. Good young talent, they should actually be fun to watch for their fans, which is a big win given their recent history.

24. Carolina Panthers – Great defense, they very well might be on the top of the list, if there weren’t two sides of the ball. The offensive line was already going to hinder this team’s offensive production, but when #1 WR Kelvin Benjamin went down with a season ending knee injury, the Panthers season became a wash. This is a team that could be really good in a year or two, just not this year.

23. Houston Texans - If only JJ Watt could play quarterback. This is a team that will give you glimpses of greatness, but will ultimately disappoint. Arian Foster can’t stay healthy, and the QB is Brian Hoyer/Ryan Mallet, which will likely waste another strong defensive unit.

22. New York Jets – If this team had a quarterback, they could easily be top 15… but they don’t, and they aren’t. What could be a top 5 defense will be wasted by an offense that can’t stay on the field, and can’t put up enough points. Brandon Marshall may go crazy by the end of the year, due to the inability to get a good pass from the QB.

21. Buffalo Bills – Copy and Paste the Jets synopsis here, but add LeSean McCoy and an unknown commodity at QB.

20. Kansas City Chiefs – They have a good defense, a great running back, and added Jeremy Maclin to hopefully catch a touchdown… but it comes down to this: Alex Smith is solid but unspectacular, Andy Reid is solid but unspectacular, this team is solid but unspectacular.

19. Atlanta Falcons – This team could go 5-11 and I wouldn’t be too shocked, they could also go 11-5 and I wouldn’t be too shocked. It’s always hard to predict what a team will do with a new head coach, but the offensive talent is too good to ignore (if the line protects) and the defense really can’t be worse than last year, can it?

18. St. Louis Rams – They have a top level defense, with major concerns on offense. The biggest question is how good Nick Foles is outside of Chip Kelly’s QB friendly system. If Foles plays well and stays healthy, this is a very dangerous team.

17. New York Giants – I’ll be honest, I have no clue where to rank this team. I don’t see them being good, I don’t see them being bad. 8-8 sounds about right.

16. Minnesota Vikings – I like this team. Teddy Bridgewater looked capable last season, and this year he’ll have a rested Adrian Peterson.

15. Cincinnati Bengals – Andy Dalton is good, AJ Green is great. Marvin Jones gives them a boost over Sanu at WR2. This team will yet again be a fringe playoff contender, but will be looking up at Baltimore and Pittsburgh in the division standings.

14. San Diego Chargers – Phillip Rivers is staying, and so are the Chargers hopes. Melvin Gordon replaces Ryan Matthews at running back, and shouldn’t be a downgrade even as a rookie. Antonio Gates’ suspension hurts, but he’ll be back.

13. Detroit Lions – The loss of Suh hurts the defense, but Ngata isn’t an awful replacement, even at his advanced age. Even if the defense struggles, they have Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Golden Tate on offense. Joique Bell is serviceable back that fits the team’s identity well, and Ameer Abdullah has been drawing rave reviews, making the loss of Reggie Bush meaningless. Stafford has lit it up in the preseason, being bested only by Drew Brees.

12. Philadelphia Eagles – Everyone seems to be waiting for Chip Kelly’s system to fail in the NFL, but it hasn’t. Sam Bradford has looked really good in the preseason, and could be in store for a huge year… assuming he stays healthy.

11. Miami Dolphins – The defense should be good (especially the line), the offense should be good, the team should be good. The running game may be a little weak, but the team made a point of giving Tannehill a slew receiving threats. If he can start connecting a little better on the deep ball, watch out.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers – No Bell and no Bryant early hurts this otherwise very good team. Once fully functional, the offense should be something to watch… but can the defense hold their end of the bargain?

9. Arizona Cardinals – The playoff hopes of this team rest on Carson Palmer’s ability to stay healthy. They looked like a legitimate top 5 teams when he was healthy last year, before having their season crumble when Palmer’s knee did the same.

8. New Orleans Saints – Is this a little high, based on how last season went? Yea, but I think the team did enough in the offseason to warrant this position… plus, until the games start, I can’t technically be wrong.  Once the regular season starts, they'll have to show something, otherwise they could be in line for a steady fall.

7. Indianapolis Colts – An already very good offense got even better, with the addition of veterans Andre Johnson and running back Frank Gore. Andrew Luck was able to pick apart defenses with a one dimensional offense; it’s scary to think what he might do with a running threat. Their terrible division gives them about as easy of a path to the playoffs as you could hope.

6. Dallas Cowboys – Is this a good team, or is this a great team? How well they can replace the production of DeMarco Murray will be the deciding factor. They still have Romo and Bryant… and with that offensive line, I could probably average 3 yards per carry, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

5. New England Patriots – Losing Revis and Browner were big blows to their defense, but Belichick seems to always find ways to replace productive pieces. With Roger "Boo This Man" Goodell's suspension of Tom Brady being overturned, this team will have their franchise QB under center right out of the gates.  The duo of Brady and Belichick automatically puts this team in contention.

4. Denver Broncos – They have a pretty solid team, all around. As long as Manning stays alive, so do the Broncos chance at a Super Bowl.

3. Green Bay Packers - Yea, yea, Jordy Nelson is out… but you know who isn’t? Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers can make his own weapons and Lacy can help him in the run game. They’ve got a great coach and the best overall QB in the NFC (it pains me to say that, but it’s true), until they prove otherwise, they belong near the top.

2. Baltimore Ravens – As much as I don’t respect Jim Harbaugh, that’s how much I do respect John. He’s a great coach who has a lot of talent at his disposal. Joe Flacco has the biggest arm in the game, and their RB corps goes a solid three deep, combine that with the always respectable Ravens defense and you got yourself a top 3 team.

1. Seattle Seahawks – One play away from being Super Bowl champs, and they gave Wilson a type of weapon he has yet to have in his career, when they acquired TE Jimmy Graham via trade. Have to give them the benefit of the doubt, until the games are actually played.

I know you all don't agree with me, so tell me where I'm wrong!  That's what the comment sections are for, right?