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New Orleans Saints Practice Squad Tracker

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The Saints have started building their 10-player practice squad this afternoon. Follow along right here as we track the practice squad signings live. So far the Saints have signed...

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With final cuts now complete, NFL teams will begin signing players to fill out their 10-player practice squad. For a little background on NFL practice squads, here's a quick rundown about eligibility rules from

Generally, players are allowed up to three seasons on the practice squad (six games counts as one season) as long as they have not accrued one season of free agency credit (six games on the active roster, IR or PUP list).

Up to two players with no more than three accrued seasons can be given an exception. (This is how players like Vaccaro and Armstead are technically eligible).

Finally, players who spent fewer than nine games on the 46-man roster during each of their accrued seasons don't have to use an exception.

We are tracking the Saints practice squad signings live today. Here is who the Saints have signed so far:

Saints add Cyril Lemon to PS

Saints add Toben Opurum to PS

Saints Sign R.J. Harris to PS

Saints add Sammy Seamster to PS

Saints Sign Sean Hickey to PS

Saints Add Seantavius Jones to PS

Chris Manhertz Makes the PS

Saints 2015 Practice Squad

Cyril Lemon, G

Toben Opurum, FB

R.J. Harris, WR

Sammy Seamster, CB

Sean Hickey, OL

Seantavius Jones, WR

Chris Manhertz, TE


In addition to those players, the Saints have claimed Obum Gwachum and Michael Mauti off waivers. The Saints released Kenny Phillips and Ashaad Mabry to make room.