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Saints vs. Packers Preseason: Gifs from the Game

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Check out these clips from the Saints final preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Saints fans! Welcome back to the Gifs from the Game series where we look at notable and interesting clips from Saints games. In case you missed it, check out these gifs from the game against the Texans last week. Game 4 against the Packers was the Saints final preseason game, in which they closed with their fourth straight loss.

Tackles Andrus Peat and Nick Becton saw the most snaps on offense (61), while Luke McCown, Edwin Baker, and Mike Golic rounded out the bottom with a combined 30 snaps. On defense, Jerry Franklin, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, and Brian Dixon each saw 68 snaps, while Sammy Seamster (4), Parys Haralson (11), Davis Tull (12), and Henry Coley (17) got the least playing time.

No projected starters on either side of the ball played in this game, as expected (Except, Kyle Wilson did play and may possibly start week 1...)

While the preseason has mercifully concluded, this final match was merciless. The Saints 3rd/4th stringers played sloppy ball and conceded approximately 150,000 yards in the second half leading to their demise, 38-10. I was really scraping the bottom of the $%&# barrel for good gifs on this one.

In this post, there's all the Snead you'll need, Marcus Murphy dodging ducking dipping & dodging, Brian Dixon doing things that Brian Dixon does, Bobby Richardson and Tyeler Davison looking beastly, Davis Tull in action, a few nice Grayson plays and more!

The roster is set and we're less than a week away from week 1 action against Arizona! Let's bury the preseason.

As always, let the page load and gifs need a couple repeats to get up to speed. Enjoy!

1. Luke McCown hits Brandon Coleman for 45

//The 6'6" sophomore receiver caught 4 balls for 82 yards//

2. Yeah, Snead!!!

//Willie finishes the preseason with 11-148-1//

3. Snead again reiterating why he's the #3 WR on this team

4. Kyle Wilson jumps the route. Pick.

//He hasn't always looked good, but he's one of our CBs this season//

5. Brian Dixon whiffs on the tackle, Kasim Edebali cleans up

//Edebali always cleans up//

6. BRich with a nice stop

//Bobby Richardson is PFF's #2 ranked run-stopping 4-3 DE after preseason//

7. #74 Ashaad Mabry in pursuit

//All 6'3", 315 pounds of him//

8. Rookie LB Davis Tull bends around the edge, beats #79 Josh Walker

//Sacks Brett Hundley//

9. Bottom of the screen, Brian Dixon gets SHOOK

//Tags his man in the endzone//

10. Guarantee the Packers special teams coach had this run cued-up

//Marcus "The Squirrel" Murphy//

11. Grayson rolls out, delivers on the move

12. Grayson hits Josh Morgan for a gain of 14

//Yea, I was digging for gifs at this point//

13. #95 Davison gets a free release and shows some nasty closing speed

14. Willie Snead fields and returns a Packers punt to the 44

See everyone back here after the Cardinals game! Geaux Saints!