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Panthers vs. Seahawks: Finding A Tolerable Outcome

Two teams that most Saints fans would enjoy watching lose every week, face each other for a trip to the NFC title game. Who would you rather win this game?

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

A strange narrative has continued to unfold in the aftermath of the Seattle Seahawks grasping victory from the jaws of defeat in Minnesota.  It's a narrative that says Seattle is once again destined to reach the Super Bowl and any outcome that prevents that from happening is the one to rest your hopes on.  That Seattle, like New England, is the great unbearable team that anyone is better to pull for in the playoffs.

I say, without any reservations, that presumption is false.  Is Seattle the NFC's version of the ever-present Patriots?  Sure.  Have they won enough for most of us to stand?  Sure.  Have they crushed the Saints in different ways in the playoffs in recent years?  Yeah, we certainly can't forget that.  But is their success less tolerable than that of a 20-year division rival? Unequivocally, no.

I find this game to be slightly reminiscent of the January 2012 NFC Championship Game when the 49ers faced the Falcons, two of the most hated teams by Saints fans.  The Niner victory was bitter to take, but a Falcon win would have been outright nauseating.  Same rules apply here.

To be clear, I was very pleased to see Seattle luck their way out of Minnesota with a victory, as it set up this matchup with the Carolina Panthers.  Had Minnesota just nailed that chip shot to win, Green Bay would be facing Carolina this Sunday and they would almost certainly be losing to the Saints' rivals.

Now, Carolina has a far greater challenge on their hands.  The Panthers are, and should be, the favorites in this game, but despite a win against the Seahawks this year, Seattle is a problematic matchup.

Its almost inexcusable to pull for the Panthers to move another step closer to the Super Bowl here.  Now, of course it you're someone like our own JR, and you live among Seahawk fans, its understandable to want to see them lose, but just not this week, not this matchup.

Remember, it was only a year ago, in Super Bowl XLIX, that Seattle gave us all that wonderful gift of watching them give a second consecutive Lombardi away by not doing exactly what they're best at doing.  It was glorious.  Good times.  Good times indeed.

Sure, the Arizona Cardinals should take out either of these teams in the NFC title game, but why play with fire and have the Panthers even get the opportunity to get there.  Let Carson Palmer have his revenge on Seattle without giving Cam Newton the satisfaction of winning a playoff game.  Everyone wins in this scenario, well, except for Carolina, which is the most tolerable, and satisfying outcome for the Who Dat Nation.