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New Orleans Saints Shake-Up: Coaching Changes?

With the regular season finally done, the speculation has intensified about the future of head coach Sean Payton! But there are ripple effects if Payton stays or goes. Let's think about the possibilities!

No Dab'n, we Dap on em'
No Dab'n, we Dap on em'
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

What's up, Who Dats! I hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays and made a safe landing into the New Year. With the completion of the New Orleans Saints regular season, we must talk about the subpar performance of the team over the last two seasons and the future of the man in charge of the vessel - Sean Payton. So much speculation about will he stay, will he go, and how much compensation will be involved is the primary focus, but the repercussions are being glazed over. Can Payton remain and bring in an offensive coordinator to freshen up the play-calling and game plan? Will Dennis Allen remain defensive coordinator? What does the future hold for the F.O.P.s (friends of Payton) on the staff? I have a couple of theories/ suggestions...

If Payton leaves the Saints for other green pastures, my opinion of what happens is simple - Doug Marrone is brought in and the entire coaching staff, short of Allen and a very select few, is dismissed. Brees remains a Saint and the organization focuses on life after his imminent retirement.

I honestly believe that the more exciting outcome is wrapped around Payton staying with the Saints and the possibilities within the coaching staff. Payton can do two basic things by keeping the job: keep most things the same with minor changes and spout off about refocusing or go full radical and blow this b#%*¥ up!

Scenario #1 - "Same old two-step" ~ This is my least favorite outcome. The team sleepwalks through the offseason by making basic moves and shifting job titles, but not making any significant changes that will impact performance or effort by incumbent players. The coaches who have routinely fielded subpar defenses and under-developed incoming talent are brought into a new season. The F.O.P.s hold their positions and progress continues to be dodged like speeding bullets. This is the worst case scenario we could imagine because it means 7-9 is the new normal and Brees' twilight will be wasted on mediocre football.

Scenario #2 - "Bring the pain" ~ This is my favorite outcome! In this scenario, Payton goes full turbo and brings in a host of position coaches and specifically an OC who has his own agenda. As crazy as it may sound, Payton should entice Chip Kelly to be his side kick. Yes, Kelly's camp is shopping him to San Francisco, but New Orleans is the move. SF is still pissy at their last college-bred coach and the roster is in major shambles. Joining Payton would be a nice, soft landing to establish his prowess. (Admittedly, this would be a two year marriage at best, but that's all they need) The position coaches don't necessarily have to be the best, just different and fired up about doing something great. Imagine Allen setting up the defense (assisted by some pretty awesome young talent), Kelly guiding the offense, and Payton motivating the hell out of the team while moving all of the pieces into place. Grab your black and gold rally bats!

Truth, the New Orleans Saints need a major shake up and it needs to finally make it to the coaching staff. Whether Sean Payton stays or goes, the changes need to be drastic and need to happen early in the offseason. My hope is that Payton will stay and his focus will be on major upgrades and allowing every facet to grow and develop. So tell us what you think, will Payton stay? Is he heading out? Who should be brought in to help Payton on O and will Dennis Allen lead the D?

As always, thanks for reading, Be Cool Who Dats and here's to a great year at Canal Street Chronicles!