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NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

Not many big movers as almost a third of the season is in the books.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

1.     New England Patriots (Last Week: #2, +1) - Tom Brady is back, y'all. He threw for over 400 yards and three TDs. The Patriots were able to weather Brady's suspension just fine, and now that he's back, they are currently the team to beat in the NFL.

2.     Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: #3, +1) - The Vikings are now the NFL's lone undefeated team after another defensive and special teams showcase, this time against the Houston Texans. The Vikings defense looks to be one of the elite defenses in the entire NFL.

3.     Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: #5, +2) - Like the Patriots, the Steelers are another AFC powerhouse now at full strength. Pro Bowl RB Le'Veon Bell is back, and Big Ben threw for 375+ yards and four TDs. This offense just has so many weapons.

4.     Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: #6, +2) - The Falcons continue to surpass expectations and prove nay-sayers wrong. If the Falcons pass-rush shown in the game against Denver was a sign of things to come for Atlanta, they might be able to run away with the NFC South.

5.     Denver Broncos (Last Week: #1, -4) - The Broncos suffered their first loss of the season, but did so with rookie QB Paxton Lynch making his first NFL start. Trevor Siemian might be back next week, and I'm sure the Denver hopeful expect their offense to get back on the same page.

6.     Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: #4, -2) - Another undefeated team was handed its first loss of the season in the Philadelphia Eagles. In a tough game that really could have gone either way, the main question now is how does this young team led by rookie QB Carson Wentz respond and rebound from a heart-breaking loss.

7.     Green Bay Packers (Last Week: #7, -) - It wasn't the prettiest of wins, but the Green Bay Packers were able to get the job done against the Giants. With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, this team is always a threat.

8.     Oakland Raiders (Last Week: #9, +1) - At some point, you have to feel bad for Philip Rivers and the Chargers. On the other hand, give credit where it's due to the opposing teams for being able to capitalize on the Chargers' mistakes.

9.     Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: #8, -1) - Seattle was on a Bye this week and their position drops only one spot due to the win by the Oakland Raiders.

10.  Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: #13, +3) - A QB controversy is already brewing in Dallas. Owner Jerry Jones has already announced Tony Romo is the starter once healthy, but should they really risk throwing off the chemistry the team is showing with Dak Prescott under center?

11.  Buffalo Bills (Last Week: #15, +4) - The Ryan brothers were able to put together a convincing win against the Los Angeles Rams. With a win already against the (Tom Brady-less) Patriots, the Bills are still right in the thick of their divisional race.

12.  Washington Redskins (Last Week: #16, +4) - The Baltimore Ravens defense is no laughing matter, and the Redskins were able to put up just enough offense to get the job done. Kirk Cousins looks to have rebounded from his poor start on the season, and RB Matt Jones is slowly putting big runs together.

13.  Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: #10, -3) - Speaking of that Ravens D, it's the Ravens O that is the problems. QB Joe Flacco remains inconsistent and unless or until RB Kenneth Dixon is fully healthy, the Ravens have no running game to speak of.

14.  Houston Texans (Last Week: #14, -) - The Texans were just not able to move the ball against the Vikings. RB Lamar Miller has not come as advertised for Houston, and I'm sure the Broncos are not regretting losing QB Brock Osweiller compared to the play thus far of Trevor Siemian.

15.  Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: #17, +2) - The Chiefs, on a Bye week, move up two spots due to the drop of a few of the teams previously above them.

16.  Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: #12, -4) - RB Ezekiel Elliott was able to have a big day against what was supposed to be a tough Bengals front 7, but the Andy Dalton-led offense was surprisingly quiet against what was thought to be a not-so-tough Cowboys secondary.

17.  Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: #11, -6) - At least one NFC East team is making a move at QB. I honestly don't expect it to be too long before the Rams are forced to follow suit.

18.  New York Giants (Last Week: #18, -) - A loss to the Packers at Lambeau is understandable for any team, but this Giants team made tons of moves this offseason to improve its defense that look to be for naught.

19.  Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: #19, -) - Another team on a Bye, the Jaguars stay put.

20.  Detroit Lions (Last Week: #28, +8) - The biggest movers one way or the other this week, the Lions were able to upset the Eagles on the back of a big day from RB Theo Riddick. If his play is even somewhat sustainable, the loss of Ameer Abdullah might be fairly insignificant in the long run.

21.  New Orleans Saints (Last Week: #20, -1) - With a Bye week, the Saints drop one spot, mostly due to the jump of the Lions now one spot above them.

22.  Tennessee Titans (Last Week: #23, +1) - QB Marcus Mariota is hoping he is slowly working out of his sophomore slump. For some reason, the Dolphins seem to be a mess right now, so I'm not putting too much stock into this win. The next couple weeks will be very telling for the long-term future of the Titans organization.

23.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: #25, +2) - The 1-3 Bucs were able to beat the 1-3 Panthers, but did so without the reigning MVP Cam Newton leading the opposition. K Roberto Aguayo was able to nail the game-winning FG, but spending such a high pick on a Kicker who missed earlier FGs is head-scratching.

24.  Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: #26, +2) - The Cardinals trounced the 49ers. Arizona is one of the most bipolar teams thus far. One game they look like a Super Bowl favorite, the next week they look like they should be preparing to tank the rest of the season.

25.  Carolina Panthers (Last Week: #22, -3) - Cam Newton is still in concussion protocol, but he is likely to play against the New Orleans Saints. In a tough divisional matchup, a lot of pressure will be put on both QBs to score points against questionable defenses.

26.  San Diego Chargers (Last Week: #21, -5) - Oi vey. I'm sorry Philip Rivers.

27.  New York Jets (Last Week: #24, -3) - The Jets loss decisively to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. The Jets will need consistent play out of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, but moreso need WR Eric Decker to come back healthy sooner rather than later.

28.  Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: #29, +1) - The Colts won. They beat the Bears.

29.  Chicago Bears (Last Week: #27, -2) - The Bears lost. They got beat by the Colts. Someone had to win that game.

30.  San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: #30, -) - Now that QB Colin Kaepernick is taking over, maybe the 49ers will be able to crawl out of this dumpster fire.

31.  Miami Dolphins (Last Week: #31, -) - Are the Dolphins broken? Granted, RB Arian Foster was bound to get injured, but did anyone really predict the offense struggling this bad before the season started?

32.  Cleveland Browns (Last Week: #32, -) - Cleveland was the victim of Tom Brady's return. Brady was angry, and he Hulked out on the puny Browns to take out his frustration.