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My Experience with Mercedes-Benz and Uber

I hope you win and share your experience with us later.

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We were picked up in front of our hotel a little after 9:00am. The custom-wrapped New Orleans Saints Mercedes was the epitome of luxury. The front seats are massaging chairs. The cupholders will chill or warm your drinks. The detail put into all of the luxury features is remarkable.

The driver was incredibly friendly. We chatted about Saints football, our backgrounds, and just life in general. The pleasant demeanor of the driver coupled with the expensive-feeling (but not in a gaudy way) atmosphere of the car made the entire ride to the stadium a wonderful experience in itself.

Once we arrived, we posed for photo ops and were handed our free game tickets inside a clear bag (perfect for taking into the stadium) filled with other fan swag.

The tickets were standard tickets given to paying fans, so the sticker price was clearly seen on the face of the tickets. Once you look down and see the combined value of the two tickets you received, you couldn’t help but think of what an incredibly deal you were getting.

Uber’s website details the promotion stating, “A few lucky winners will receive pre-game field passes.” We were given field-access passes to watch the Saints players warm up on the field.

Walking around on the field and behind the scenes at the stadium, you never know who you might run into.

The game experience obviously speaks for itself. There are few football atmospheres like a New Orleans Saints home game in the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome.

After the game, the ride back was seamless. The Benz was outside waiting for us, and we hopped in to head back.

Again, the driver was more than pleasant. We talked the incredible game, New Orleans traffic, and people-watched the fans leaving the stadium. We made it back home, safe and sound, and the return trip in the Mercedes was the cherry on top of an awesome Saints game day.

Jealous? Good! That’s the point! I hope you wish it was you going instead. Because maybe next time it will be! All you have to do is open your Uber app on Game Day. Enter the promotion code “MBdrivesNOLA.” That’s not a promo code used at checkout - you actually don’t have to use an Uber driver in order to be registered to win. Simply tap one of the Mercedes-Benz cars you see on the screen, and type in the promo code. If selected, you could be one of 25 lucky fans to win two free tickets to the game that day, and an awesome ride to and from the stadium.

As a Saints fan, it was literally a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience. And it can be yours next time. Check out Uber’s website for all of the details about the promotion.

Special shoutout: In my interview with Brandin Cooks where we discussed, among other things, this promotion, I told him to have a big day for my fantasy football team. He ended the day with a career-high 187 yards and a TD. Obviously the Saints won because of me. You’re welcome. Also, in my interview, I thought I heard Brandin say he watches “Criminal Minds.” Nope. I was wrong. He watches Pretty Little Liars. So special thanks to our Pretty-Little-Liar-loving speedy WR for a big game. The Saints needed every bit of it to win.