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Saints May Be Making Changes: Jairus Byrd's Starting Role in Doubt

According to Ian Rapoport, after Byrd's poor play last week he is being removed from the starting lineup.

Something's gotta change Allen!
Something's gotta change Allen!
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Sean Payton expressed dissatisfaction with the play of several players in the Saints game against the Falcons. It appears some changes may finally be in the works. The play of Jairus Byrd has been a disappointment to fans ever since he was signed. Looks like Rookie Vonn Bell will get the nod over Byrd today. Byrd was not the only player Payton was not happy with last week. James Laurinaitis was also singled out in Friday's press conference. He said James played well against the Giants, but last week "not so well."

It's encouraging that we are not the only ones seeing the problems with this team and hopefully changes are coming. If it isn't broke don't fix it, but please, if it is broke, do something about it.