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New Orleans Saints’ Little Brother, the Seattle Seahawks

Just picking up our sloppy seconds.

Saints Seahawks

A Super Bowl win in the last decade is nothing to scoff at. To beat one of the greatest NFL QBs of all time in Peyton Manning makes it even more special. Peyton Manning is typical “QB height” at 6’5” so when the QB leading your team to a Super Bowl victory is south of six feet, it’s definitely noteworthy.

Am I talking about the New Orleans Saints? I could be. Or I could be talking about the Seattle Seahawks.

Jahri Evans. Brandon Browner. C.J. Spiller. All three are players who played for the New Orleans Saints last year in 2015. All three were then released (or not re-signed) at various times this year, and all three were then signed by the Seattle Seahawks. Spiller, making his debut with the Seahawks in Week 4, caught a passing touchdown in their game against the New York Jets. If we were to cut Jairus Byrd next week, I’d half expect him to be a member of the Seattle Seahawks the following week.

It’s no secret that Seahawks QB Russell Wilson wears Drew Brees pajamas when he goes to sleep. The Seahawks then hired a coach, Pete Carroll, and now he and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton are both considered two of the top NFL minds coaching today.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and at least it’s not as bad as the Atlanta Falcons wanting to be like the New Orleans Saints so badly that they are getting Mercedes-Benz to sponsor their stadium. I seriously doubt the Seahawks would have the nerve to steal the “Who Dat” chant from the New Orleans Saints, at least - if the Seahawks did steal something from another football team, it would probably be the Texas A&M Aggies.

But still, Seattle Seahawks, on behalf of the New Orleans Saints...