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Saints Win Over Chargers Means Absolutely Nothing

This was an exciting win for the Saints but I still think they suck.

New Orleans Saints v San Diego Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

How about that improbable come-from-behind win by the Saints over the Chargers yesterday? Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Yeah, it was pretty awesome. This is, like, the kind of win that builds character and unites a team, right? You probably think this is some kind of important turning point or something; the start of more great things to come.

Well you’re an idiot.

This win means nothing. Nothing! You’ve seen this movie before, and it ends with a train going off the rails, over a cliff, and into a fiery dumpster inferno. Have you already forgotten last season? When they lost their first three games then beat the Cowboys in overtime on Sunday Night Football thanks to an incredible C.J. Spiller catch and run? That could have been a turning point. It wasn’t. The Saints finished 7-9.

Or remember 2014, when the Saints just narrowly lost their first two games then beat down the Vikings at home? That could have been a turning point. It wasn’t. The Saints finished 7-9.

Don’t forget about 2012, when the Saints lost their first four games then finally beat - guess who! - the Chargers in Week 5 for their first win. That could have been a turning point. It wasn’t. The Saints finished 7-9.

The only season the Saints have been successful in the past 5 years was the one they started 5-0. Are you noticing a pattern? Do you understand now why Sean Payton said before the season started that it was important to get off to a fast start? Do you see where I’m going with this?

Let’s not kid ourselves: the Saints fell ass backwards into this win. They didn’t even really win this game so much as the Chargers completely blew it. The Saints were outplayed for the first 55 minutes and I’m not just going to ignore that. The offense looked great as usual - they’re hardly the problem - while the defense looked like their typical terrible self. Despite two perfectly timed fumble recoveries, I saw no real sign of improvement from these guys.

Look, I hate to be a wet blanket or that guy. Just the other week, I was being that other guy. But this is how I honestly feel right now and I told myself I was going to get back to writing from a pure emotional standpoint. Or drunk. Or both. Whatever. It was a great win and a fun football game to watch but it does nothing to convince me that this is a good football team. Here’s hoping they make me look like a complete jackass.