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How the New Orleans Saints literally made me go bald

No, seriously. My hair is gone thanks to the Saints.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints were able to hold on to an impressive upset victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, winning 25-20. In typical heart-stopping fashion, the game came down to the last play. Jermaine Kearse was inches away from pulling off a last-second road win, but instead Sean Payton's squad prevailed.

If you've been following Canal Street Chronicles for some time, then you might have seen us run our bold predictions each week. As the Managing Editor, I've been tasked with coming up with very bold predictions for the black and gold, which always run the risk of me losing my hair.

Well, it happened. I said that Dennis Allen's defense would hold the Seahawks to 20 points or under in Week 8, and keep Jimmy Graham out of the end zone. It came true.

For your enjoyment....I also answered some questions and talked about the game, too.

Don't worry, it'll grow back. R.I.P to my hair though.