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What Should New Orleans Saints Do With Jairus Byrd?

The $54 million dollar question.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When Rob Ryan was fired as Defensive Coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, he was not shy about speaking out against his former organization. One of his gripes was that the New Orleans Saints were not correctly utilizing Safety Jairus Byrd.

After the release of CB Brandon Browner, Byrd has become somewhat of the fans' new scapegoat/punching bag. With continued poor play (whether due to poor usage in personnel/play-calling or due to a sheer diminishing of talent), Byrd was benched for the team's most recent game against the San Diego Chargers, giving way to rookie S Vonn Bell out of Ohio State.

There will be many fans who point to the fact that the Saints lost the three games Byrd started and won the one game he was benched as evidence of why Byrd should not be given back his starting role. At the same time, fans who watched Bell and his play against the Chargers, could not have been overly impressed with the rookie.

So, that begs the question...

Let's pretend you are head coach Sean Payton. What do you do with Jairus Byd? Do you start him? Do you bench him for Vonn Bell? Do you just use him as the occasional return man (he returned a punt against Atlanta for some reason)? Do you outright release him a la CJ Spiller? Tell us in the comments. Send me presents.