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NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

1. New England Patriots (Last Week: #1, -) - Tom Brady missed the first four games due to suspension and is still somehow an odds-on favorite to win the MVP. Crazy.

2. Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: #2, -) - A pair of rookies in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott continue to lead the Cowboys, this time in an overtime divisional win. As the season progresses, the offense continues to grow.

3. Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: #7, +4) - The Cowboys and Falcons sit as the teams to beat in the NFC as the Falcons were able to hold on for a tough last-second win against the Packers.

4. Oakland Raiders (Last Week: #6, +2) - If Tom Brady is MVP-favorite 1A, then 1B is Raiders QB Derek Carr. Carr is throwing the ball all around the field to all kinds of different weapons.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: #8, +3) - The Chiefs strong defense was able to hold on for the win on the road against Andrew Luck and the Colts. The Chiefs are going to need to keep pace in the same division as the Raiders in front of them and the Broncos and Chargers right on their tail.

6. Denver Broncos (Last Week: #9, +3) - Speaking of the Broncos, they won a divisional game against the then-surging Chargers. The defense is back to dominating and the offense is back to doing just enough to get buy.

7. Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: #3, -4) - If Jermaine Kearse was able to get both feet in bounds to end regulation, the game would’ve ended with a different winner. But that didn’t happen, and even a quick lead evaporated against the Saints.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: #5, -3) - The Eagles were able to force overtime, but couldn’t get the win against Dak and the ‘Boys.

9. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: #4, -5) - Minnesota’s offense no-showed against a depleted Chicago secondary. QB Sam Bradford just wasn’t on the same page with his receivers and the run game misses Adrian Peterson.

10.Washington Redskins (Last Week: #10, -) - A tie against the Bengals keeps the Redskins in place.

11.Houston Texans (Last Week: #13, +2) - The Texans were able to rebound after an embarrassing showing against the Broncos for a solid win against the favored Detroit Lions.

12.Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: #12, -) - The Steelers on a Bye stay put.

13.Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: #16, +3) - Similar to a Bye, the Bengals didn’t win or lose.

14.New York Giants (Last Week: #15, +1) - On a Bye, the Giants move down a spot primarily because of the Bills loss.

15.New Orleans Saints (Last Week: #18, +3) - The Saints were able to make a last-second defensive stand to beat the Seattle Seahawks and are looking at a significantly more favorable matchup next week to hopefully get to .500.

16.Buffalo Bills (Last Week: #11, -5) - The Bills lost their chance at a sweep of the Patriots as the Bills got to see just what a difference Tom Brady can make.

17.Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: #17, -) - Man, there were a lot of Byes this week.

18.Detroit Lions (Last Week: #14, -4) - The Lions are one of the most bipolar teams of the NFL right now. After a tough win last week, the Lions can’t get their offense going against the JJ Watt-less Texans defense.

19.New York Jets (Last Week: #24, -) - The Jets beat the Browns, but only by a field goal.

20.Green Bay Packers (Last Week: #21, +1) - The Packers, unlike the Saints, were unable to make a last-second defensive stand to hold on to the win against the Falcons.

21. San Diego Chargers (Last Week: #19, -2) - The mini roll the Chargers were on comes to a screeching halt as the Chargers drop a game to the divisional Broncos.

22.Miami Dolphins (Last Week: #22, -) - Another Bye.

23.Carolina Panthers (Last Week: #27, +4) - The Panthers were able to upset the Cardinals - has Carolina finally gotten their act together?

24.Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: #20, -4) - Which Cardinals team shows up week-to-week? Your guess is as good as mine.

25.Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: #25, -) - Andrew Luck just looks lost out there right now and the Indianapolis running game is virtually nonexistent.

26.Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: #26, -) - Another Bye.

27.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: #23, -4) - The Tampa defense is incredibly porous right now as the Oakland Raiders were able to storm back for an overtime win.

28.Tennessee Titans (Last Week: #29, +1) - The Titans played the Jaguars. Someone had to win.

29.Chicago Bears (Last Week: #30, +1) - Maybe Jay Cutler’s return will make a difference after getting a win against the formidable Vikings defense. Then again, maybe not.

30.Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: #28, -2) - The Titans played the Jaguars. Someone had to lose.

31.San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: #31, -) - The 49ers had a merciful Bye.

32.Cleveland Browns (Last Week: #32, -) - The Browns dropped another game. I guess the magic in Cleveland right now. doesn’t apply to the football team.