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NFL Picks Week 10: Climbing The Mountain

The Saints reached .500 last week and now look to have a winning record by beating the defending champs. We take a look at this and all of the action in Week 10.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints take on the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, with an opportunity to get above .500 for the first time this year.  Although facing the Champs and their 4th ranked defense should be a significant challenge, it couldn't have come at a better time for the Saints.  Denver's defense is riddled with injuries, while their offense has been far less than desirable all season.  New Orleans, meanwhile, has been rolling on offense and has been seeing key players starting to return for their undermanned defense.

The Saints have quite a mountain to climb against the defending champions, but they may just be up to the challenge this week at home in the Superdome.  Let's take a look at this marquee game and all of the exciting Week 10 action in the NFL.

Last week I went 7-6

I told you so: Raiders over Broncos!

What do I know: Bucs over Falcons?



Thursday, November 10th - Thursday Night Football

Browns(0-9) at Ravens(4-4)

Baltimore's stout defense will stifle Cleveland, who will continue to aimlessly wander the NFL in search of a win.  Baltimore wins 27-7.

Pick: Ravens


Sunday, November 13th - Early Games

Texans(5-3) at Jaguars(2-6)

Houston's defense and rushing game will be too much for the Jags to handle in Jacksonville.  Houston wins 28-14.

Pick: Texans


Rams(3-5) at Jets(3-6)

Los Angeles just can't muster enough points to win games, no matter how well their defense plays.  This will continue against the Jets.  Jets win 20-10.

Pick: Jets


Falcons(6-3) at Eagles(4-4)

Atlanta's offense will give Philly's very good defense fits in this one.  Atlanta wins 30-24.

Pick: Falcons


Chiefs(6-2) at Panthers(3-5)

Despite being below average at everything, Kansas City quietly remains one of the league's better teams.  KC will have a tough fight on their hands in Charlotte, but they'll hang on for a close victory.  Kansas City wins 27-21.

Pick: Chiefs


Bears(2-6) at Buccaneers(3-5)

Chicago has been terrible this year, but they're catching the Bucs at just the right time.  They'll pick up a nice road win in Tampa.  Chicago wins 23-17.

Pick: Bears


Vikings(5-3) at Redskins(4-3-1)

Minnesota has fielded one of the top defenses in the league this season, but their offense is absolutely killing them.  This is a matchup where the Washington passing attack will spread the Vikes overworked defense too thin.  Washington wins 23-20.

Pick: Redskins


Packers(4-4) at Titans(4-5)

This is the most uninspired Packers team we may have seen in the McCarthy/Rodgers era.  They just seem flat and out-of-sync, and they'll have more than their hands full with the Titans rushing attack in Tennessee.  Tennessee wins 31-21.

Pick: Titans


Broncos(6-3) at Saints(4-4) - Game of the Week

The Saints are very fortunate to be getting Denver at this point on the schedule.  The Broncos will have some key defenders out, and this could hamper their lights-out defense.  Luckily for them, and not for the Saints, Von Miller is not one of the players that will be missing the game.  The Saints will have to be as good in protection along the offensive line as they've been all season, to slow down Miller's impact.

The top-ranked Saints offense has really been on a tear, and they should be able to capitalize on any opportunities a hampered Denver defense gives to them, especially in the Superdome.  The Saints offense won't flat-out dominate the Broncos defense, but they'll look as good as any team has against them in quite some time.

As bad as the Saints have been on defense, they're facing a Broncos offense that just really doesn't have much going for them.  The problem for the Saints though is that it really doesn't take much for any offense to get going against them.  Although the Saints defense has shown some improvement, they'll give up far more yards and points than they have any business giving up against bad offenses.  Denver will likely have their best offensive performance of the entire season in this one.

In the end, it will come down to Drew Brees and the Saints offense carrying the day once again, and carry the day they will.  Saints win 34-27

Pick: Saints


Sunday, November 13th - Late Games

Dolphins(4-4) at Chargers(4-5)

This should be a great matchup between two offenses that have really hit their stride with completely opposite attacks.  I give San Diego's passing attack the slight edge in this close contest.  San Diego wins 24-23.

Pick: Chargers


49ers(1-7) at Cardinals(3-4-1)

San Francisco will be pronounced DOA upon their arrival in the desert.  Colin Kaepernick will be in for a very long afternoon against the NFL's top-ranked defense.  Expect turnovers, and a lot of them.  Arizona wins 33-14.

Pick: Cardinals


Cowboys(7-1) at Steelers(4-4)

Pittsburgh has had no chance to get their offense in any type of rhythm this season, while Dallas is right in their groove.  The Cowboys winning season continues to roll along in the Steel City.  Dallas wins 31-20.

Pick: Cowboys


Sunday Night Football

Seahawks(5-2-1) at Patriots(7-1)

Seattle will lean heavily on their defense in this one, and it will keep them in the game.  New England is too good, and they'll keep their march toward the Super Bowl firmly intact.  New England wins 27-24.

Pick: Patriots


Monday, November 14th - Monday Night Football

Bengals(3-4-1) at Giants(5-3)

There will be an awful lot of passing yards in this game.  The big difference will be Cincinnati's resurgent offensive balance, which will neutralize the pass-heavy Giants offense.  Cincinnati wins 27-20.

Pick: Bengals


There you have it, Week 10 is upon us, and the Saints have a real opportunity to surprise some folks this week. Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below.