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Saints’ Drew Brees woke up early on Monday morning to put Broncos game to bed

An interview between Drew Brees and Peter King, that will air tonight on Football Night in Carolina.

NFL: Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

In an exclusive interview airing tonight on Football Night in Carolina, you’ll find a conversation between New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Peter King. King rode with Drew Brees early on Tuesday morning en route to Saints practice, discussing Brees’ career and his love for the city of New Orleans.

Here’s the transcript of the discussion.

Peter King: “What motivates you still to answer your alarm at 4:40 in the morning?”

Drew Brees: “I still love the game. I still get a great sense of purpose and pride in playing it and being able to play it. And you’re still chasing that championship.”

King: “You know how long between titles it was for Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.”

Brees: “Peyton won a championship in his ninth season and his 18th season. Tom was two, four, five, and 15…”

King: “You had to have studied that a little bit.”

Brees: “Yeah, I was curious. We won ours in my ninth season, and now I’m in my 16th season.”

Brees on the city of New Orleans:

“There are a lot of pretty amazing things about this city. To think about how far it’s come over the last 11 years, and to be a part of that is really special.”

Brees on if he reflects on how his career would have been different had he signed with Miami in 2006:

“No, because it wasn’t meant to be. New Orleans was meant to be.”

Brees on bouncing back from last Sunday’s 25-23 loss to Denver:

“We always give it a 24-hour rule, but it’s probably even less than that when it comes to a short week. I woke up early on Monday morning and just watched the film so I could put that to bed. I always do that. Put that one to bed, and now it’s all about Carolina.

Coverage of tonight’s game will also be simulcast on NFL Network and live streamed on (desktops), the NBC Sports app (tablets and connected TVs), Twitter, NFL Mobile from Verizon, Watch NFL Network, and NFL Game Pass (International).